Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms: Neuropathic Pain

In this video, I discuss treating Neuropathic Pain in Multiple Sclerosis. The Boster Center for Multiple Sclerosis accepts all major …


  1. I didn't realize it was classed as pain 🙈💜 I just knew what I was experiencing was uncomfortable. Cannabis really helped, I wish access was better here.

  2. Tried Lyrica initially to help hand pain, no luck. Was on THC / CBD oil for 2-3 months to no avail either

    Using LDN for 3 months and so far zero relief.

    Might need to go onto Cymbalta or Endep next. Hopefully one of those helps.

  3. I have PPMS my main pain is in my left leg and foot my foot toes go into spasms is horrific, and my toes feel so painful i could chop them off. Burning ugh i now use a cold mat which does help but sometimes my body feels like its literally on fire.

    just been put on SATIVEX, 50% TCH and 50% CBD. its vile. well it is for me as i hate peppermint and it tastes like rotten peppermint and smells even worse lol. BUT i just made me feel weird, dizzy and disorientated, tried it for 3 weeks i know thats not long but whilst i was on it i lost my dog who has been with me 15 years and was in a mess. I was given some diazepam, and you know what the pain went, just for an hour….

    ALSO have tried gapapentin, amytriptline, some others i think duxolotine but i must be oversensative to them as they made me feel worse. My friend was on lyrica she got addicted to it. Now i just deal with the spasms in my thigh, and the pain constant pain. I will try sativex again but being checked for other things as my bloods came back with anemia, high iron, and high liver ezynmes, and low heamoglobin. my doctor mentioned something about chronic disease with the anemia so had a body scan, get results on thursday.

    had a heart attack in march and they found a slight tightening in bigger vein or something i dont know cant remember so on statin for a year, so been taken off them in case that is what is causing liver issue. I have lived with PPMS since 2000, and i can confirm quite categorically it does have pain. My MS is quite different to my friends who has RRMS.

    I would certainily eat edibles if i was allowed in UK.

  4. Thank you for this information. I am in the UK. I get permanent neuropathic pain behind my eye since I was diagnosed in 1991 where my first symptom was retro bulbar neuritis.
    I have taken amytriptiline and pregabalin which did work for pain but I came off it when it stopped working. I was originally on tegretol first and it worked well, but it affected my liver and so I had to stop it.
    I just put up with it now.
    CBD oil has helped me along with tizinidine with muscle spasms in my calf muscles. I started tizinidine when it was fairly new as Zanaflex when baclofen stopped working.

  5. Thank you for the video! I have a lot of daily pain, but it's hard to get taken seriously sometimes when several different types of pain are happening simultaneously. My neuro shot down cannabis (probably because it's not legalized in my state), but I might try some edibles anyway because I've heard many positive stories. Thank you for discussing available treatment options!

  6. Thank you Dr Boster – excellent video. Neuropathic pain is not well recognised by PwMS or Drs and therefore not appropriately treated. This information is empowering thank you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. As creams were mentioned, I have had great success with capsaicin cream that can be purchased for less than $15 at cvs, walgreens, yeah any drugstore even including Walmart

    I have applied the cream to my fifth metatarsal and the art of my foot all the way up my tibialis anterior for my foot drop, videos are on my channel of me running after the 2015 paralysis. I was diagnosed in 1997 with symptoms since 1993 up in cleveland, Ohio

  8. So Im using Ocrevus and they've found active lesions on the spine mri… my specialist said no use to change meds. The 2nd line are all almost the same…
    Don'tknow what to think about that …
    She said, there is hsct but here in my country you need to have an actual relapse which I didn't have 😒🤔

  9. It’s funny you said Topamax, I was taking it when I had my first symptom: numbness in my leg. My doc at the time told me it was a rare side effect of Topamax! It wasn’t until I was writing out a medical history for my neurologist that I realized that it was likely my first MS symptom.

  10. My neuro is referring me to get my medical marijuana card. It is virtually the only thing I have found to help with my TN flare ups. Too often I have heard that MS does not cause pain, and it is my #1 symptom. I often get zingers. Random electrical pains or stinging pains that come and go in various body parts. It's very odd and random, but can be very intense in nature. I am so glad you are addressing this.

  11. Hey Dr. Boster! So I participated in your live stream video chat a few days ago & am glad to see this video addressing some of my questions about nerve pain!
    With my first (& most recent MS relapse), I had widespread prickly nerve pain (independent of touch), electric shock when my knee was squeezed, & clothing felt scratchy. I called my neurologist & after a round of oral prednisone, the nerve pain has overall lessened but the prickly nerve pain is still present at times. Being that I experience too many side effects with the medications typically used to treat nerve pain, I'm looking into topical treatment options. So far, I've found Aspercreme w/ lidocaine helps & am going to look into CBD containing creams as well.
    Also, I hadn't made the connection until you mentioned it during your live stream (I think), but I have definitely noticed one of my triggers for nerve pain increasing in relationship to my monthlies & so am going to ask my gyn about taking the pill continuously instead of cyclic, thanks!

  12. I got two attacks when my leg felt weird and reacted weird to cold and hot water. One of my attacks was a strange feeling around my body, it felt like somebody wrapped my torso with a wire or something.

  13. Thanx for the info Dr.Boster, very informative!
    I was diagnosed in 2014 with relapsing/remitting MS and a syrinx at C4-6. I currently take Ocrevus.
    In the last year, my right hand and forearm have become increasingly numb and now, when I go to the beach, I lose a scary amount of strength in both my right arm and my right leg. I'm guessing this had to do with overheating?
    My MS clinician conducted EMGs and MRIs and concluded that I have no new lesions and my MS is not progressing. I'm curious why I am just now getting these symptoms if my disease is not getting worse?
    Thank you for any insight.
    Renee H, Florida

  14. I have Primary Progressive MS. I have the MS hug as well as stabbing pain in my feet and head. I find the Cannabis helps a lot but my specialist recommends strongly against it. It is a toss up for me, my pain is much better but my balance goes sideways.

  15. I've tried the patches they worked but didn't last, Gabapentin made me sick, Cannabis worked well but made me feel spacey and unmotivated. Tegretol worked best for me. I find your videos to be very helpful because I can have a more detailed conversation with my doctor and she's pleased with my level of knowledge on MS. Then I confess and say I have a great teacher, Aaron Boster. Question: Does neuropathic pain mean your developing a new lesion? The pain is so intense it seems as though something bad is happening with your MS.

  16. I believe I just read research article on baclofen and how it can help with remylination

    What are your thoughts on this? You have patients using baclofen

    😀 great video AZ usual- and thank you !!

  17. My husband was stuck by lightning in 2000 and has a spine stimulator implanted in his back due to his nerve pain. I the one with MS and I use Lyrica and Cymbalta. Wish edibles were legal in our state.

  18. Excellent education Doc- many MS’rs do not realize that the neuropathic pain- can be treated- I’m so glad you touched on different meds that you use to treat it with. I am a definite topical THC cream user/ along with my meds . Great education- explaining the use of “ Medidine Edison” a full video of❤️.
    This is packed full of wonderful info. #SharingisCaring

  19. Actually Doctor no one can feel what we feel🥺 maybe only Doctors because when I say on I have strong pain in some place they say it’s okay no problem it will go always 😑 when I explain they don’t understand that make me so sad😔may god bless u my favorite doctor ever🙏🏻

  20. Thank you Dr Boster for another informative video. I occasionally experience neuropathic pain, for instance when I have been taking on too much work (or parties 😉) or with certain bad hormonal episodes. It can feel like an ice pick is being jammed into my ear (that one's particularly bad). Or I can have pain like an electric current running through my left arm as if I hit my funny bone. It never lasts long but it's very annoying and sometimes debilitating. I have these episodes about bimonthly. What would you advice your patient in such a situation?

  21. Thank you so much for All your videos . Here in Pennsylvania I have to travel to see my DR . And I’m new to all of this . I’m so grateful i found your channel . It’s a life saver , for real ! Thank you 🙏

  22. What is the reason to subscribe to this channel or listen to this when the center don't take out of state patients….Its putting alot of people on our Own. I don't understand this protocol. 🤔🤔

  23. It seams my neuropathic pain is triggered by a lot of things I eat or drink. Most spicy foods really trigger it…. coffee and soda drinks seems to really flare it up my feet really get angry!!!
    I really like the scrolling words nice addition!!!
    Thank you as always!

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