10 Fastest Growing Cannabis Stocks and how to pick the best cannabis stocks for cannabis investments

What are the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cannabis Companies for Q3? I show you who is accelerating and which cannabis stocks …


  1. MedMen will be the McDonald's of dispensaries! New Owner plus Tilray taking Medmen global. Franchising is the future for Medmen! Better buy some stock while you can still get it cheap! I did!! MMNFF

  2. So , I don't understand how you don't mention the major players in the industry? There is a reason why Altria invested and owns about 1/3 of cronos group cron. There is a reason why Constellations invested in cgc. To have strong partners like that , who can invest money and distribution is worth all the effort. Your ignoring the major player long term. Cgc, cron, trueleave, Curaleaf. Dont know you did not mention them. Long term these names will be golden. All these mini companies you mentioned in this video , will go away, run out of money, or get bought out by the end. Its the sector . Survival of the fittest.

  3. The opportunity in cannabis investing is in the companies that will import and sale cannabis to us and Canadian and European cannabis companies.
    Think: how much does it cost to produce one gram of flower in North America? Then ask yourself: how mucho! does it cost cannabis companies in Colombia to produce a gram of flower?
    I give you a hint? The difference is 1000 %
    Us cannabis companies are already preparing for the day they will be importing cannabis and not involved in the production. Only the retailing of the product!!!!!
    Think of the California avocado and flower industries! What happened to them
    One went to Mexico and the other to Colombia
    How are the US cannabis companies preparing for that day?
    By selling the green houses and leasing them back.
    They know one day they will not need those greenhouses
    So sell innovative industries. The company that has being buying those properties
    They will find themselves with useless greenhouses.
    Three companies are growing cannabis in Colombia
    Do you know their names?
    Do your own research!!!!!!
    I give you three hints, their first letter of their name: K, L, P
    And yes, just today Colombia just pass the law allowing cannabis companies to export their agricultural products,
    This is moving fast so hurry up

  4. All in with YourWay Cannabis (new name for Hollister Biosciences). Growing and already profitable. New management and branding. Low debt and high cash. The Fed interest rate hikes will put pressure this year on cannabis companies with high debts to service making the "Safe Banking Act" so much more important. YOURF.

  5. D. H. I tried to sign up for the forum but haven’t gotten an email back to establish a password, is it automatic or have you just not gotten to it yet? I’m trying to get in contact with you. What is your business email or the best place to write you for an inquiry?

  6. Good video. I'm also surprised that HITI didn't make the list. I'd love it if you can do this monthly like you said. However, I would probably prefer the top-10 (or even top-5) that you feel present the best opportunity at beginning of each month, so that's not necessarily the fastest growers. that should take more into account such as debt levels, prospects, management etc.. I think it'll be great if you can (on occasion) share your top picks, meaning if you had to invest in 5 stocks – which they would be at beginning of each month. That will be really helpful for someone like me to know who to focus on researching further. Personally I have a very large position with Trulieve and in my opinion it's the #1 cannabis stock to invest in, but I'll be interested in your thoughts and your guidance as to where to focus to add to my cannabis portfolio. take care man. love your channel.

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