15 Considerations in Selecting a Private Label CBD Supplier

Summary Here are 15 considerations for when you select CBD oil from a CBD Private Label: 1. Product There are three different …


  1. They need to educate what is a full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD product. Without THC it is just hemp, and there really is no real medical benefits. It is just a "supplement". It is called "Broad Spectrum" when they extract out the THC and other cannabinoids, that produce the "entourage effect". Look it up. Joy organics should explain the scientific difference. It is known that without the THC molecule, this broad spectrum product cannot really work properly, or most get the "placebo effect". Only a full spectrum product can. Since it is a huge affiliate and wholesale company, they are promoting, but as a Certified Cannabis Practitioner, the truth needs to be explained. I know that some people for religious or work cannot get tested for THC, so that is why they sell 0.0% as even a 0.03% product is non-psychotropic (won't get you "high") so broad spectrum does noting for the serious symptoms that are claimed. Thus the entire industry that buys products without the legal 0.03% THC in it, get no real healing benefits other than a supplement. Which can be misleading.

  2. Hello Mr. Todd, great info and video, are you making partnerships in EU? I am really thinking the possibility to start the project with private labelling, I do not have strong marketing tools. Are you also assisting in that ?

  3. Very good info. Thanks I'm a little weary because Walmart,CVS and others are starting to sell cdb oils, and it's just a matter of time before Amazon starts selling cdb also and it going to be hard to compete with Amazon. Thoughts on this. Thank you Todd.

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