After California Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Some Changes Take Effect Immediately

With the passage of Proposition 64 Tuesday night, California has joined a growing cohort of states that allow for the recreational …


  1. Let's look out the possibilities of following events happening when recreational weed gets legalized in California and other states If we draw comparisons with other states like Colorado and Washington, there are many chances of following: –

    1.There will be mixed dispensaries where both recreational and medical marijuana will be sold.
    2.It will lead to influx from neighboring states, where weed is illegal
    3.If we look at the tax regime followed in other States, medical cannabis will be available at a much cheaper price. (there’s 37% excise tax in Washington on Cannabis)
    4. People will still look out for medical cannabis for treating a particular medication and one-time MMJ card charge will not burn out pockets.
    5. There will be slight chances of abuse of recreational weed and traffic police will form stringent regulations
    6. Socially, the marijuana movement will gain wide acceptance and California being such a big economy will have wide implications on Schedule-1 status of Marijuana at Federal level
    7. State will accumulate more taxes and it will lead to more budget for education and other sectors

  2. What a stupid reporter honestly. A doctor cannot prescribe medical marijuana he could only recommend it. That is why it is called a recommendation. If it was legal by federal law then you could say it is a priscribtion.

  3. Why in the fuck is it 2018? I guess it always takes a long time for CA to get their shit together. One thing to consider everyone. If Trump succeeds in putting the wrench into the gears of sanctuary cities, which is kind of looks like he will, then doesn't logic suggest also that he would disarm the states weed legalization? What's good for the goose here. You go after a state for one thing, you have to go after the states for all things that are federally illegal.

  4. Start growing your own. Simple solution to supply problem. I bet the mexican drug cartels are getting worried now.
    This just took a big chunk out of their profits

  5. These ignorant lazy voters didn't read the small print. this new law is terrible and the idiots who voted for it have no idea how bad they screwed themselves and the industry!!! Uninformed voters are destroying this nation!!

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