ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam l Soft Spoken, Personal Attention

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  1. I love your stuff I would recommend getting the bi nural ear mic and or using some of that neat connetic sand for a video. U have great potential and a soothing voice, maybe a Pokémon booster pack opening video would also be super cool I greatly enjoy your content puts me out in 15 min and I usually have such a hard time winding down and falling asleep

  2. Falling up ASMR I am new to your channel but I've been watching your videos for a bit I think you are the new queen of ASMR videos your style your approach and everything that you do in your videos is as good as anything I will see on TV or in Hollywood movies thank you for the endless hours you put into making these videos for the ASMR community to help us all calm down and relax and deal with all the stuff that life handles us

  3. For those of you that don't know? The reason you never see the top of her head….She has a conjoined twin that's attach at the skull. It looks like a big headed baby with a tiny body. Thing is…..? Susanne doesn't like to be filmed. Try not to stare if you ever meet them.

    True story.

  4. Asmr artists like you,(and i love you) cant ever realize how much u help me and im sure others. I fear! Fear going to bed and short of drastic measures I found asmr to help me sleep and relax. THANK YOU!

  5. Great job. There may be a million cranial exam videos out there but when well done, they always strike a nerve (in a good way)!

    I don't know if it's just me but the frame at the end that (I believe) is Supposed to show like, your profile photo in the center and 3 videos around it to watch? Well, it just loads 4 white spots where the content should be.

    I haven't ever built a video that uses that feature so I just hope pointing it out will help you fix that!

  6. I watched this when it came out and instantly fell asleep. Its now 4am where I live………..WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME lol. The videos are always impressive another great one.

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