Best New Products that Can Be Made with Hemp

Throughout human history, hemp was utilized in a variety of useful ways. Then, in the early 20th century, it became an unfortunate …


  1. This plant is very medicinal, it is a pity that some people do not use it correctly, perhaps it is a lack of information. Thank you for enlightening us with this video.

  2. This is a fantastic piece of content. Very engaging and instructive. I didn't know much about hemp before watching this video, but it was really informative.

  3. this plant seems to be really beneficial in many terms. I have heard about the positive affect of CBD and people using them in their daily life to cope with stress

  4. Wow?! I have never known that there is a kind of cannabis that is not addictive which is Hemp. No destruction of the environment is done and sustainable in making fabric.

  5. Hemp also called industrial hemp and it is used to make variety of commercial and industrial products. Thanks to this video, I now. knew that it is also used for food.

  6. Great explain about best new products that can be made with hemp. it is really useful to those who want to use hemp. i learned about hemp little.there are many best products that can be made with hemp in this video. waiting for next video regarding this type of topic.thank you very much for this informative video with clear explanation.

  7. There are several possibilities of using this element that for many is dubious, but this video opened my eyes more on this subject, it is important to open people's minds on this subject, congratulations for the very informative video, I liked it!

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