Brittney Griner Has A Medical Marijuana Prescription, Lawyers Say

WNBA star Brittney Griner was back in a Russian courtroom on Friday where her attorneys told the court she has a prescription for …


  1. Medical marijuana prescription ! Britney Don’t forget 2 take a knee wen the Russian national anthem is played ! U will learn real quick, that u don’t take a knee wen the Russian national anthem is played !

  2. Gee I guess that makes it all better. Coming from a country that would give ya life for a joint in some states. Currently with the largest percentage of incarcerated citizens in the world. Please your sense of entiement is discusting.

  3. See here is the problem
    Brittney Griner is a 31 year old American professional basketball player who is covered in tattoos and wears dreadlocks.
    In the US we accept (with a wink and a nod) that she, and an amazingly high number of other people, has ‘Chronic pain’ and ‘medical marijuana’ is the prescribed treatment.
    HONESTLY, I don’t care and neither does most Americans, but don’t lose sight of the fact that the rest of the world simply doesn’t buy that obvious BS.

  4. Today, exactly how is dope smoking a medical treatment for any injury other than glaucoma? If dope was a treatment, opioids are too, right? Yet the opioid problem exist b/c ppl use them to get high, not for medical supervised treatment or recovery from surgeries. Stop making excuses for Griner, unless you can prove she has glaucoma.

  5. Marijuana is legal in canada. I can have 1 oz on me and 4 plants in my house. So when i travel to the states i am able to bring my oz with me? Not a fkn chance. Obey the laws of the countries you enter or pay the price. It's that simple

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  7. So what? You could be a recovering tobacco addict who chews nicotine gum, but if you chew it in Singapore where gum is illegal, chewing it for 'medical' reasons is not a legitimate legal defense, neither is being a dumb, privileged American. You're not in America! If you're stupidly or arrogantly going to take cannabis into a country where it is illegal, you deserve to rot in jail.

  8. 😅😂 Suuuuure, if this excuse was real she would have used it 5 months ago. Last news report said she packed in a hurry and forgot she was smuggling drugs into Russia! 🙄 BRITTNEY, MAYBE DON'T TAKE A KNEE DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM THEN BEG AMERICA FOR HELP! LET HER ROT!! See ya is 2032 Bee-otch 🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸

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