Can Cannabis Help My Arthritis Pain & Inflammation?

Can Cannabis Help Relieve My Arthritis Symptoms? (CBD) the non-psychoactive cannabinoid has shown in many preclinical …


  1. i have never just used CBD by itself…..seems silly when you consider that THC has anti-inflammatories, CBC has anti-inflammatories, CBN has anti-inflammatories, THCV has anti-inflammatories, CBG has anti-inflammatories, CBG has anti-inflammatories, CBGV anti-inflammatories , CBDV has anti-inflammatories….the whole plant is the medicine….It has been evolving on the planet for more years than humans have existed, the audacity we have to think we can do better than that. The only reason to separate is purely for monetary gain, unless we are talking about say CBN which is a strong anti-bacterial…something not found in many other cannabinoids. But for this…me being an IBS sufferer…the whole plant works amazingly and I would imagine it too would work amazingly for any inflammatory illness such as a arthritis.

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