CBD For Seniors: Everything you need to know!

In less than 2 decades, America’s senior population will outnumber the minors. Unfortunately, seniors are an often-neglected …


  1. I’m happy about what you said regarding third party testing. If your CBD is coming from the gas station or video store that’s not what you want. You want one that has been checked for purity. The whole point is to not take a Med so don’t use something that may carry bad yeasts or ecoli or heavy metals. The reports are illuminating.

  2. I've been smoking marijuana for 3 Year's instead of Norco and musselrelaxers! I've been on narcotics for 20, year's!?? The marijuana has made a difference in my life, but I'd love to try the CBD, I've had 4, Back
    Operations, and cracked Back Bone now, Where I'm at I can't Smoke 🇺🇸💒🕊️🦉💕🐕 Vetteran 🇺🇸
    Of course 1962, been off Smoke for 3weaks. I never had any CBD, BUT I'm anxious to try the CBD oil !!! but I'm on limited income, and looking for a place to stay! Share with someone who You know!? please let me know!? I'm 74,& still Going STRONG 🦅🇺🇸💒🕊️🦉

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