Connect the Dots: Can vaping cause seizures?

There are new concerns about vaping after dozens claim it caused seizures. Our Janelle Bludau connects the dots on what you …


  1. I had seizures since childhood.. yes I vape 💨 but didn’t start to bout 5 years ago I’ve told the doctors that I thought I was having them again years before I started vaping… the PROBLEM IS DOCTORS R NOT LISTENING TO THEIR PATIENTS.. they said it was just anxiety.. and trying to guess what it is.. So for me I DONT BELIEVE THAT VAPING CAUSES seizures… I think 💭 it’s something the fda has came up with because they must not be getting paid money 💴 from the vape 💨 companies ect.. if nicotine caused seizures then why isn’t everyone that’s SMOKING CIGARETTES HAVING SEIZURES.. I call bull crap 💩

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