CPAC Documentaries – Chasing the High

With marijuana sure to be an issue in the next federal election, this CPAC documentary explores the current debate in Canada …


  1. It's so funny. He's more than happy to look at Emily Murphy as the advocate against Marijuana, but the point he misses is the reasoning behind the suffrage movement and it's links to temperance. Most women during the 19th century suffered huge amounts of intoxicated driven violence and domestic abuse and because they had no rights, they couldn't prosecute against their husbands. In fact if they tried to divorce, they wouldn't only be ostracised from society and end up in financial ruins, they would also loose access to their children. This is why women's suffrage parallels abstinence (prohibition in the US). The notion of racism was just a way of selling it to the majority of the population, as it is whenever racism is used (divide and rule).

  2. The Canadian Justice Minister sounds like a functional idiot.  I'm ashamed of the Canadian laws against the miracle cannabis plant. 

    Cannabis can treat almost every disease because of the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM!!  This system literally regulates everything we do from conception til death!  Cannabis actually allows for all human cells to function more effectively~!

    Cannabis is the safest, most effective medicine known to humans.
    Cannabis needs to be made available affordably and conveniently.

    Dr. Robert Melamede states that SCIENCE proves that people who have increased cannabinoid activity are MORE EVOLVED than people who have lower cannabinoid activity…

    Enough of this bullshit agenda against the most amazing medicine known to humans…  Kids who are healthy and balanced are already getting high off their own endocannabinoids like anandamide (THC equivalent), etc..!  Kids who are diseased or experience disorders are actually DEFICIENT in cannabinoids!  That's why cannabis is so special and miraculous!…it's because cannabis can provide ALL VERTEBRATES with phyto-cannabinoids–these compounds are vital for biochemical homeostasis!

    By the way…THC has been proven by science to cause the PINEAL GLAND to produce 2000% more melatonin than before exposure to THC.  This massive increase in melatonin via the pineal gland aka the third eye, could be responsible for the spiritual experiences associated with cannabis use.

    The THC in Cannabis literally activates your 3rd eye…Think about that mind-blowing fact.

  3. Dude said people don't drink to get drunk.. Well everyone I know does and everyone they know does. It's almost like a virus. Well people don't smoke weed to get high. We smoke it to feel good. 

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