Craig Hemke – Powell's 'Pain' Warning Foreshadowing a Crash Ahead?

SBTV spoke with Craig Hemke, founder of TF Metals Report, about the latest Powell warning of ‘pain’ as the Fed tries to tamp …


  1. Come on, you guys, anybody who has a functionig brain cell knows that the silver/gold rigging is allowed to continue because of BRIBERY.There is no other good reason, and nobody is so stupid that they can't see it.It's all about THE MONEY.

  2. Hey Craig. The predators-that–be ABSOLUTELY WILL cancel all government debt fairly soon … and maybe all corporate debt too … and maybe all private debt too (though probably only for democrats). And then they will declare the world economy is now in AWESOME shape since it is not burdened by so much debt. How do you think the world will respond to that? Personally, I think 99.999% of humans are dumber than rocks AND WILL ACCEPT THIS.

  3. The reason the gold and silver manipulators are willing to execute TOTALLY over-the-top manipulation should be obvious. After the predators-that-be unilaterally CANCELED nickel contracts because the manipulators got caught in their scam … all the big-boy thieves know they will be bailed out when their silver contracts blow up in their faces.

    PS: Since the criminal predators who control the exchanges no longer enforce limits, why don't us fans-of-reality buy a few quadrillion tons of silver contracts that all expire on the same day. Then let them forgive us for taking delivery of silver when the price is now a million bucks per gram.

  4. The difference THIS TIME may be that the predators-that-be make gold illegal again … and [try to] force everyone into CBDC. Whether they can make silver (and silverware) illegal is another question. However … NO MATTER WHAT … do not let them force you into CBDC. If necessary, close ALL your bank accounts and other financial accounts to stay out of CBDC, because if you have even one CBDC account — YOU WILL FOREVER BE A SLAVE.

  5. I would have to interject here. Politicians and Central bankers are nothing but tools of the disgusting evil Uber wealthy. That think they have the right to have full control over your life.

    I personally don't believe that every wealthy person, what we might consider wealthy, are evil or bad! Please remember not all people who are extremely wealthy or just wealthy are bad people. Actually there are a lot of good people that do the best they can with their currency.

    But anyone tied to davos is evil

  6. Go Turd..I’m English and always laugh at that. It means something else over here.

    I’ve followed Craig for years. A great analyst, accurate and a good man. 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  7. I liquidated 40k of metal stocks Dec 21 – Jan 22 . I continue to nibble at stocks, but committed 20k in physical gold at 1744. Silver price is $ 5 over spot. WTF?

  8. Go to some deserted island, where the people there have never seen outsiders. Then hand them dollars to buy their land and they will stare at you as if you were out of your mind. Now offer them gold and silver. Even they recognize silver and gold! Buy it while you can and before the lines form.

  9. IN 2006 I bought about 100k of gold and silver bullion , In 2008 when I went to exchange for cash, the company I bought from wanted a 20% premium to buy back the bullion. I went to gold and silver local dealers and they want a 25% premium to repurchase back the bullion.. So now I just invest in mining stocks or ETF where I can buy and sell without high premiums'

  10. From about 1932 the stock market did not recover/return to its previous balance until about 1954. If there is a dramatic downturn that parallels the 1930's it will be more drastic than most can imagine. Now with the debt exponentially larger I expect any recovery time after a major fall to at vastly exceed that era.

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