1. Hi. I want to make this tonight and I'm so excited about it. I was curious about using the apple juice. Does this make the ribs taste sweet? I don't care for sweet on my meat. The same with the bbq sauce. I would prefer spicy than sweet. Any ideas on this?

  2. Hi Natasha. I love your recipes and videos. You make everything look so easy! Just one question – I am going to do ribs in the instant pot however I need to do enough for 8 people. Can I reuse the juice remaking in the pot again or do I start from scratch again? Thank you for your kind attention to my question.

  3. If you are wondering if you should follow this recipe, do it, husband was not convinced about cooking ribs in juice in a pressure cooker, but I was feeling lazy and hungry and I didn’t want to wait hours, we used pineapple juice and then put sliced pineapple when we broiled in the oven, it came out PERFECT. Thanks for this amazing recipe! 😍

  4. Hello Natasha. When I've completed the instant pot cooking and waited for 10 mins to release the steam, the ribs did not stay together like how you did it. I.e. it was so tender that they fell off the bones! I wonder why that had happened 😉 Appreciate your 'pro tip' advice. Thanks!

  5. These look so yummy and easy! Everything you cook is awesome so far! Funny that you work harder shoving your heavy intro screen out-of-the-way so we can see your kitchen than you do making food. The kids could at least help you push. Right? Haha 😉

  6. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I've tried ribs in my air fryer, but they didn't get tender enough, so I'll definitely try your way. My favorite dish to make in my pressure cooker (different brand from IP) is cashew chicken.

  7. Hi I will try this recipe very soon. Can I make these up to taking them out of the Instant Pot, freezing them to serve later (big family event coming up) and then the day of the event thaw them and put the barbeque sauce on them and do the last step of broiling them in the oven or grill for 5 min or so with my favourite sauce. They look good but I would love to make them ahead of time but I will be using my 80th birthday present the Instant Pot Pro 8 guart! Will the amounts be the same for the 8qt? Thanks!

  8. this method is very good. only difference is i like to cook it like 10 or 15 more minutes in the instant pot and broil it like 8 or 9 minutes. more fall off the bone. its a preference some people like it more tight and thats good too.

  9. Wow!!! So beautiful and wonderful Baby Back Ribs Instant Pot Ribs recipe by the great Chef Natasha’s Kitchen Perfect Presentation good create good texture tender soft good taste mouth watering nice color rich ingredients delicious Dish Thanks for your dedication and hard work that will be appreciated God bless you and your family always with Good Health Good Luck and Happiness Love Stay safe in 2022❤️🌟🧑‍🍳🌹👍🍷😊

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