EP 205 – Ileana the Star Traveler – Advanced Space Technologies – Atlantis Energies – Moving Forward



  1. Absolutly fascinating, thankyou ,certainly encourages expansion of mind,belief, …… a quote I like………"Don't judge possibility by the limits of your perception of the possible they are not the same thing" 👣🌎🌌✡️✨💛🧡💚. This also brings what I have listened to by others ……….we most certainly are multi-dimensional.

  2. having 3 heads now in astral and being a lab rat whereas I get experimented on and tortured with all ARTIFICIAL whatevrr due to my NATURAL crystals and artifacts; I dont believe Netflix or the ssp has the true disclousure…its more mixed teachings in order to further the elite agenda….afterall the gamma phonixians (winged dragons) portrayed in stranger things do not have a dark planet and are not evil…actually they are advanced divine beings full of worlds of laughter and love and then to have netflix promote their killing is disgusting……This "planned" disclousure should know that stealing peoples dna and holding them hostage thru fake dossiers as terrorists in the name of science is just evil….

  3. Amazing conversation and thank you for all your work – how is it that this all resonates with me… anyone else was waiting for that Jupiter rising movie? I have no idea why I was obsessed.. but I couldn't wait for it to available!

  4. We have to earn it? We have to be ready for it? Really dumb statement. We deserve truth and everything available. We deserve disclosure. We deserve to be paid back for all these evil bastards stole from us. Geez. I try to listen, but sometimes it's tough to stay tuned in because of dumb comments like that.

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