Epileptic Seizures Treated by Chiropractor Testimony

Grand mal seizures of a 10 year old girl treated with new Chiropractic technique Gravitational Pattern Alignment (GPA) by Dr.


  1. Hi Dr Vetanze, may the Lord Jesus continue to bless and strengthen you in your gift to heal others. Can you please provide an update on Niya? This really touched me.

  2. Dr. Nelson Vetanze – since comments were turned off in your two recent videos, I was forced to comment on this video; posted nearly one year ago… On behalf of all of your fans and supporters – nobody wants to watch Mario or your associate chiropractors on this YouTube channel. We're here for YOU, and YOU only. Please make a return for the greater good. Thank you. God bless.

  3. Dr. V., you're amazing! We need more videos. I've learned so much from you, and have great respect. Please share as much of your skill and knowledge as possible, because I know it's helped untold numbers of patients find the right Dr., and doctors to become better at their practice.

  4. Praise the Lord that your gifted hands continue to help so many people. Pleased to see that you are back! Looking forward to more videos & a follow-up at a later date.

  5. So nice to see a new video by Dr. Vetanze. The message is extremely powerful. Good for the mom to contact Dr. Vetanze and put trust in his magnificent capabilities. Can you imagine the alternative? Drillng holes in a childs head, randomly shocking parts of the brain and removing tissue that doesn't respond. That would be the last thing I would consider, sounds more like torturing the child. Lets hope and pray that the proper alignment and the proper firing of nerves is enough to free this child of seizures. God bless Dr. Vetanze and GPA.

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