Episode 517: #RuffinosRants, Scrimmage Pregame, Khai Prean Announces

Tonight’s Topics: -#RuffinosRants -Scrimmage Pregame -Khai Prean Announces -Corey Chest Commits To #LSU -#AskBlake …


  1. Nuss hasn't scratched the surface of his potential yet. As Nuss will only get better and better after each and every game.

    Meanwhile, we already know what Daniels potential is. It's a measly 10 TD passes together with 10 INTs in his third year as a starting QB.

    Furthermore, if Daniels was a legit SEC caliber QB and a legit NFL prospect, he would have entered the NFL draft like most three year starters at QB do at the end of last year. He didn't because JD knew he didn't have a prayer of getting drafted into the NFL. As he is simply not good enough. Yet, a bunch of less than intelligent yahoos want him to be anointed the starter at LSU.

    However, I believe Brian Kelly has to be smarter than that because he can't be that stupid.

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