Examining Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana

DAYTON — In 1996, California was the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Supporters in Ohio hope …


  1. I agree with researching any medical benefits of marijuana. Yet recreational use is a bad idea. Think about all that smoke in your lungs, the second hand smoke and the dulling of a marijuana users state of memory and cognitive skills.

  2. listen Up OHio   DO not buy in  on prohibtion  . Nor  can cops resolving even one  death or  heroine use  However  ;The   cure for heroine addiction  is this  Ibogaine  this plant cures all addiction  do not waste your time and money in some treatment brainwashing which fails  90 % of the time  ,  So Please  Know your prohibitionist  law enforcement has over 100 years in drug war.  asked your selves  did this mission work ? the answer is your prisons are full of now useless people . There arrest base on  compliance of bad laws  Citizen should not be arrested for drug use , Law enforcement offend the truth as to cannabis often merging  Cannabis to addiction  which is a lie , in fact  law enforcement want only to protect there jobs  . The propaganda  vs the truth is now open your eyes can see what has happen over the years  and your streets are war zones due to drug laws  the intrusive attacks by police save no one  , even come to kill us citizen
     there is better way  remove cannabis form the police enforcement  regulate  and allow use , simple as that ,  Asked your self  did this chief or treatment center  give you the cure for heroine addiction  ? no !!!   then what right does those agency  have in resolving the drug war , let me say to all Ohio citizens  please stand neighbor to neighbor in legalization  of cannabis  do not allow continue resolve of the police  clearly you will see crime drop and respectfully  people will be in peace  , use is not abuse only if your make a mala prohibita law which makes it criminal , every cop thinks citizens who uses  you are a thug  they will beat you even shoot you  over cannabis 

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