Fable Beard Co CBD Beard Products Review – Angler & Witchdoctor CBD

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  1. I’ve only had the Grower in the CBD line and really enjoyed it. It probably took about 3 days before it really started to “kick in” but could definitely see the difference with the oil and butter at that point. Thx for the review, good stuff!

  2. Love fable beard co. I'm not a cologne guy but do like the angler probably because it is light. The Witch Doctor was a total fail for me. I thought a grilled mango would be a somewhat muted mango. I found it annoyingly overwhelming.

  3. I'm a firm believer in CBD in general and take it every night and have for a few years now but I'm going to have to dig deep to belly up for the CBD beard oil I'm afraid. BUT if I do and it does leave my beard feeling softer I would continue to pay the price. Just my feeling.

  4. Awesome video, brother! Fable a great company I've been using the Grower/Angler and CBD has been great for my skin and feels like it strengthens my hairs; I rarely have beard shedding. And as far as the butter goes I've learned my skin and hair is extremely porous and because there is more butter than oil in these particular butters (definitely a lot more adsorption happening rather than absorbtion) beard hairs don't retain that moisturized feel for an extended period of time. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing product and I'll continue to us it as a daytime butter, but random things you learn along the way. This is my subjective opinion based on many years of bearding, take it for a grain of salt.

  5. My skin loves the oil. As soon as I run out of my current nighttime butter, and shower conditioner, I'll be buying their butter and conditioner. The Grower scent is amazing.

  6. I tried that CBD oil for my neuropathy from a car accident. Didn't do anything for the pain. Hopefully better in this application. I'll wait till others tell me it does something.

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