Fed President Just DESTROYED Argument for CBDC

Fed President Just DESTROYED Argument for CBDC Get 10% Portfolio Allocation Mastery Course with Code LABORDAY …


  1. What is going to happen to the bankers when there is a cbdc?
    The only bank will be the fed, which is a banking cartel. Will they put themselves out of business?

  2. Here in europe at least we have had basically 0% interest on deposits for a long time even negative over certain amounts. I would absulotely rather have money in cash at my house so its not being used for free by banks but you just simply can't because of safety. There are no other options so a cbdc would be good for that, but we can absolutely not allow a cbdc to have the power to change interest rates and also it can not be looked at except for suspicion of crime just like now.


  4. Larry Williams just did a video for stock charts which gives a compelling argument that money supply does not drive inflation that the stock market drives it.


  5. um Venmo isnt the fed. you don't have a fed wallet and still need banks. the dollar has been digital for a long time it hasn't been on a Blockchain. how do you tax a gumball purchase with Venmo? how do you track and tax every transaction without a Blockchain?

  6. Wouldn't a CBDC just be one form of payment/currency? Wouldn't there still be other alternative payment methods and currency options for people who choose not to play that game? Just like with SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps, if you're largely dependent on Govt subsidies to survive, you probably should have your spending controlled.

  7. We know that the majority of people are going to download the FED app as soon as it’s available. Bring the people to their knees and that’s what the FED is doing. Crashing the market…

  8. Hank Paulson and everyone above him on wall street and washington decided on the bailout. Neel was a newly elevated grunt, a rocket scientist, to make the Treasury look respectable and to use him as a punching bag for the crimes of the people who were veterans of wall st crimes

  9. Look Heresy, don't be racist. Neel Kashkari told the congress that it was wrong to bailout the banks and a congressman/senator (black) called him a chump. The bailout was decided by Paul Hank and he sent Neel to take the beating from the Congress. You change your BS and upload a new video because this one will be reported.

  10. Well said, wake up guys the Fed (foreign elite agents) have held the Bank of America for themselves and debt had the Americans living in debt since their creation, as have all other Western central banks. Crypto, the agenda of the WEF is to finally, irreversibly enslave and control the population. No longer Rothschilde conspiracy theories, the Fed announced it last week.

  11. Venmo and PayPal only do payment. He doesn't understand the "settlement" side after the payments are made. This OP talks like doesn't understand settlement also. He probably never understood what is T+1, T+2, or even T+3 and how the receiving ends have to wait for the payments to clear while the money are being exposed to the volatility of the forex market.

  12. I share your distaste for Kashkari. He has been part of the problem. I'm also surprised by his comments: what is the need for CBDC? I hope he is asking his fellow members.

  13. CBDC's are terrifying but this fed President doesn't want it to pass because the next bank he is going to work for doesn't want it to pass. It's that simple. If his next employer wanted it – he would push it through.

  14. This absolutely great news is reinforced by watching the YouTube video titled: "Jerome Powell Does NOT Want a Central Bank Digital Currency: Danielle DiMartino Booth" from 08/23/2022.

  15. And when they implement a cbdc payment system to "aid" us, it will replace the crashing dollar as the dollar is less and less able to help us poor folk pay for our living expenses like food, rent and fuel. We'll be eager to accept this new way to buy the things we need. Then we'll need a way to identify everyone so nobody starts multiple accounts under fraudulent names to attempt to get more than their fair share. So link your cbdc account to a microchip implanted under your skin. You won't be able to buy or sell without the microchip. Total control of your life in the hands of a government, led by …..😈

  16. What’s he saying about the FedNow program? Strangely silent, isn’t he? And where will FedNow take us? A better destination than CBDC’s, or effectively just a different path with the same destination? If you can’t answer these questions, then you will be one of the dupes who believed that there are some in the Fed who are opposed to CBDC’s. The only thing they’re opposed to is the bad publicity they’re getting. FedNow is just rebranding of the CBDC concept, pure and simple.

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