1. Why is it only good in the refrigerator for only 4 days? Will it spoil? I keep Oat milk for 7 days with no problem but want to try Hemp milk and wonder if I need to make smaller batches for just the 4 days. Any info will be appreciated, Thanks

  2. Wow, not only is this a good, and money saving way to consume hemps benefits, I laud you on the excellence of your video production values.!
    Great clear diction, sharp images and well illustrated sequential clips. All gives us a great viewing experience.
    Montreal, Canada

  3. I recently decided to start making my own hemp milk and while I like the nutty flavour I can't get over the "earthy" flavour. I'm the beginning it was just hemp seeds & water. As I added more water, vanilla & honey it got better but I still can't get over the "earthy" flavouring. What else can I hide to mask it??? without adding strawberries or cacao

  4. I use hemp seeds, water, a drop of liquid monk fruit to balance the flavor. I used to love dairy, but I can't digest diary anymore. I don't have an issue digesting meat, but I can't digest dairy nor gluten. So I drink hemp milk, green tea, and mint tea. I feel fine. I'll eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. I feel fine. But yeah, ever since I cut dairy out of my diet, my digestive tract is improving, making it easier for me to lose weight.

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