Hemp Seed Oil and Its Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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  1. At what time hemp seed oil must be taken orally, morning ?, Noontime ? or before going to bed? Should I take it with food or must be empty stomach? Please let me know the right way of taking it, pleas! Thank you…

  2. – I've just bought some – "Organic Hemp Seed 50% Protein POWDER" – Are there Many ways to eat/drink it & Can U Tell me some?…. 🙂 Like a fool I bought some & Don't know H-o-w to take it?…. 🙂

  3. I have been taking both fish and hemp oil for the past 15 years. My cholesterol went from 324 to 162. My BP hovers around 102 over 65. Im 50yo and feel great…..now those old motorcycle injuries are another story…

  4. Much research is proving that OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 are very bad for the thyroid, and cause inflammation systemically everywhere it goes. I gave up all PUFAS and switched to saturated fat and sugar for the best, thyroid health, cellular health and fuel. Dr. Ray Peat for the win.

  5. Some sites sell hemp oil for about 30-40 bucks for 3 350 mls bottles while others will sell a few vials for 1500$-2300$. now how screwed up is that. either one site is full of thieves or the other isn't hemp oil at all/ or they are honest with the cheap prices. can you imagine a parent that needed this stuff for their child and that's the price they force them to pay. I'm sure its cheaper in some other places but they actually do sell this on one site I looked at for 1500$. some even more pricier than that. man oh man. all for the dog plant… that's ruff.

  6. i have a question….when it comes to cbd creams or digestive sprays do they make them from the seeds or the stalks and hemp leaves….what is the diff between pressing the seeds vs pressing hemp stock or hemp leaves? same thing? or is pressing cbd from seeds only good for cooking oils and not good for botanical s like creams or sprays etc? i want to join this industry but not the cannabis cbd industry… thank you for your time

  7. Is there a general daily limit to how much your body can handle "internally" without side effects — Example would be: 1 tablespoon/ 3 times a day
    BTW, I bought the Nutiva brand to try hemp oil, and it had a very fresh nutty flavor.
    With many good things, there's usually a healthy limit. I'm just checking.
    Cheers 🍎😎

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