Hemp Seeds, A Source of Protein and Omega-3's

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  1. Bro ! One misconception in tracing hemp back to China. Actually Hindustan( present day India) had a proper culture around hemp. It is offered to Mahadeva ; without it the worship isn't complete. And basically hemp is termed as the most beneficial plant as per Ayurveda ;the work of the time before 1500B.C. It is in our scriptures , was once a part of our culture untill 1895 when it was made illegal to benefit the allopathic medicines and alcohol & degrade our culture. Infact it is the base of almost all medicines in Ayurveda. Hemp clothes are also anti bacterial. Hemp has innumerable benefits!!

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  4. +SuperfoodEvolution #HempSeeds contain ZERO #Cannabinoids i.e. #THC and #CBD The only time you would even find a trace of THC or CBD on a #Hemp seed is when they aren't properly sterilized. At the processing plants they are sterilized to A) Make the seeds non-viable preventing anyone from planting and growing them and B) So they don't "contaminate" the hearts with THC or CBD. An #IndustrialHemp plant has 0.3% (or less) THC to begin with, so you could eat nothing but pounds of them for the rest of your life and never test positive. While testing positive for CBD wouldn't be a problem anyways, it wouldn't happen as the seeds are sterilized. To clarify, when not properly sterilized, Hemp seeds can have trace amounts of Cannabinoids during harvest from the stalks and leaves that do contain Cannabinoids. However, they are cleaned well so no THC or CBD that could be sticking to the shells from transport to the processing plant can be transferred to the #HempHearts during dehulling / deshelling.

    At 0:41 you say "Large scale use of Hemp seeds has only occurred in the last few decades." From 1740 to 1940 Russia was the world's largest producer and exporter of Hemp seeds. The quantity and quality of their seeds would put Canada's current efforts to shame. In fact, the actual reason Napoleon invaded Russia was for it's Hemp seeds.

    At roughly 6:28 read carefully: Industrial Hemp, NOT Hemp seeds, contains very low levels of THC. Again, see above. BTW, "Hemp seeds" are Hemp seeds, shell and all. Hemp hearts or nuts are the white / green inner "seed" that most people consume and are familiar with. Whole Hemp seeds are just as available and are totally digestible. In fact, some, although not most people, prefer them that way. They even make them flavored like lime or BBQ or dipped in chocolate.

    At 3:12 you mention Cannabis being banned in 1957. 1937 was the outright prohibition of #Cannabis, both #Marijuana and Hemp. Yes, while very close cousins, they are indeed two completely different plants.

    +Tommy Tommy deafbred You will NEVER get high from Hemp, and good luck making paper, clothing, sails, ropes, and a million other things from a Marijuana plant. They have completely different plant structures. One has flowers you smoke to get high, the other is mostly stalk with incredible fibres and seeds. Furthermore, Marijuana seeds are awful and hard to digest, nor do they have nutritional value. Marijuana has very short and rough fibres that would result in an insane amount of labor and quantity of plants to extract enough fibre to even produce paper, clothing, etc. The result would be very poor quality products that would literally fall apart. On the other side, you could smoke Hemp for years straight and you will never get high. You can however make cars, homes, clothing, paper, oils, fuel, plastics, graphene, and just about anything not glass. The confusion comes from them being close cousins under the same species Cannabis, and both have the infamous jagged leaves. Outside of that, they are completely different.

    +southernantman Both Hemp and Marijuana are Dioecious plants. There are male and female versions, and while not so common, can even be hermaphroditic (both male and female). In Marijuana, the female plant is a non-pollinated plant, i.e. Sensimilla, meaning without seeds. That is what people smoke, the seedless buds of the female Marijuana plant. The males are used for breeding. Sometimes Mother Nature or a grower will accidently pollinate a female and you find Marijuana buds with seeds in them. This is also how new strains are created. The female of one variety (strain) is cross-bred with a male of another variety (strain) to produce seeds of a new variety. Then those seeds are planted as just females to grow a new strain. Ideally, you never want seeds in Marijuana, unless you are breeding.

    Hemp on the other hand is grown differently per the use:

    – For seeds, strictly females. Females are the shortest height and yield the highest quality and quantity of seeds. However, experienced Hemp farmers will add a few male plants in an all female seed field. Hemp has a tendency to grow as tall as the tallest plant. An inherent trait of Hemp, is that the taller the plant, the higher quality and quantity of yield. This goes for all parts of Industrial Hemp, especially seeds and fibres. While you can and should use every part of the Industrial Hemp plant (roots, leaves, seeds, and stalk consisting of the fibres and inner woody core called "hurds"), the majority of products come from the seeds and fibres within the stalks. Females do produce good fibre when they are tall. This fibre is a bit coarse and rough, good for jeans and sacks.

    – Hermaphroditic Industrial Hemp is the least desirable as the seeds aren't as good as the females and the fibres aren't as good as males. Decent seeds and a medium texture fibre good for ship sails. While not as strong as male fibre, still very durable and softer than fibre from female varieties making it more desirable and pliable for textiles. They also produce high quality hurds. While not used for the best seeds or fibre, hermaphrodite Hemp is a solid all around, multi-use variety.

    – Males are primarily grown for the fibre. Male Industrial Hemp grows the tallest. Historically, male varieties have reached 30 feet in Italy. While you can also use all parts of the male Industrial Hemp plant, the magic is in the fibres. These fibres are the longest and strongest natural fibres on Earth. Nothing even comes close to it for textiles and cordage. These fibres are very strong and luxuriously soft. These fibres are ideal for ropes for their tensile strength. As they are long, they provide a perfect raw material for cordage. As for textiles, heavenly would be an understatement. Think of the softest fabric you have ever touched, now imagine even softer. Hemp textiles put every other fabric to complete shame. Hemp fabric does not stretch, rip, fade, or shrink under normal and reasonable use and care. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial, absorbs sweat better than any other fabric, and breathes better as well. Hemp textiles are like a leather glove in that they mold to you. Your shirt or dress is literally YOUR shirt or dress. Hemp clothing don't wear out, they wear in. Some fine historical examples would be: The Toga, Martial Arts Gi's, and the first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross.

    To sum that all up:

    -Marijuana is always a female plant unless you are a breeder/grower. Grown for buds to smoke. Used for recreation and medicine. Not at all useful for industrial applications. Generally short plant 3 to 6 feet high that resembles a bush with dense, broad leaves. Often Indica varieties, though there are Sativa strains of Marijuana that can grow 10 to 15 feet tall. Sativa is a very misused name for Cannabis in general. While I won't get into that whole can of worms here, know that Sativas are tall, thin varieties with sparse, finger-like leaves. Marijuana can be Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis (a dwarf Cannabis variety rarely used outside of cross breeding, ranging 1 to 3 feet tall) or the most typical, a cross of Sativa and Indica. Marijuana is typically grown indoors, always in controlled environments, and spread apart between 4 to 6 feet. They need space to get wide and are closely monitored and basically babysitted.

    -Industrial Hemp is strictly Sativa as Sativa strains grow very tall. While Marijuana is a bush, Hemp is a tall thin stick. A Hemp field resembles a bamboo field. Few leaves at the top of the plant. You can see through a Hemp field. Industrial Hemp easily has a million uses from it's seeds, leaves, hurd, roots, and fibre. Unlike Marijuana that is a single use plant. Industrial Hemp: Female = Highest quality seeds. Coarse fibre for jeans, sacks, and heavy work clothing. Male/Female = Multi-use. Good seeds, good fibre. Sails, jackets, high quality ropes and hurds. Male = Multi-use but mostly for fibre. Highest quality ropes and textiles. Wedding dresses, runway dresses, business suits. High fashion. Industrial Hemp is always grown outdoors in a field, very tightly spaced. Seed varieties 2-3 feet apart. Fibre varieties 4-6 inches apart. Plant a seed and walk away until harvest with an occasional check on progress. I could go on in much more detail, but I think you see by now they are not same same.

    +Azztronaw No risk, no accumulation, no testing positive. Read above. Recommended daily intake is 3 tablespoons of Hemp seeds and 1 tablespoon of Hemp seed oil. Yes take both for full benefits. Also, Hemp seeds are unique in various ways: 1) They not only have Omega 3 and 6, but the exact optimal value of each for our bodies. 2) Our bodies need at least 18 essential amino acids, while Hemp seeds provide all 22 known amino acids. 3) No allergens. Yes a plant that also processes peanuts could cross contaminate and cause a problem for those allergic to peanuts. However, that would also speak to that processors sanitation standards. A processor that is serious about Hemp seeds wouldn't need or want to process anything else anyways. In the end that is on the processor. Hemp seeds themselves have ZERO allergens.

    I know all of this as I am a Hempologist (Hemp historian)

    To learn Hemp's vast history http://www.thcint.com/hemp-history.html
    Here is a great article about #Hempcrete http://www.thcint.com/thcint-blog/the-evolution-of-hempcrete-and-hemp-construction

    Invest in Hemp and Save the Earth @thcint #thcint

  5. Some confusion when you said it influences heart disease. Should say reduces your chance of getting it. Anyways, thanks for speaking on this delicious food. I always buy a bag from Sprouts whenever I go there.

  6. My country should legalize hemp!! This plant is not only a superfood, it is a holy plant. It is very useful for humankind!! So why keeping it illegal??!! I really don't understand the logic. Since the seeds alone can be used for treating metabolic diseases as supplemental food, oil, protein, (medicine?), and whatnot!

  7. I think in some ways decriminalisation is better than legalisation- otherwise it can be turned into pure capitalism and we have kids growing up thinking that they have to smoke weed to fit in- the same as we currently often get with alcohol in western nations – that is not true – we do not need alcohol or any drug to function- unless we have a medical problem
    Peer pressure and also drug stigma -are both potentially destructive and not necessary in society!
    – so lets decrim or legalise – but not with the same mixed up despicable, stupid and greedy results as alcohol scenario! I'm not a pot smoker – but I have been in the past…..please follow QUT Students and Friends for the Dicriminalisation of Recreational Cannabis- on Facebook – Di instead of De as prohibition is going to Die in Australia in A.C.T S.A. and N.T – 1 state( and 2 are Territories) of Australia Cannabis is decriminalised!

  8. You must watch the video on building homes from hemp adobe! The best fastest to build with, most green construction known to man.
    no rebar cement metal braces, termites, or dry rot – all with R 80 insulation on and on. Hemp will save the U.S. from its ignorance paranoia and greed:)

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