Homefront: Veterans who use medical pot for PTSD are on their own

Veterans use medical marijuana to treat mental health issues despite the VA not prescribing it or covering it as a military benefit.


  1. Cannabis helped me get off prozac. Helps with sleep, feel refreshed when I awake, more calm and patient and focused, and helps interaction with others

  2. I moved to Oregon from Florida so I could use cannabis legally. It's true, they didn't come right out and say it, but when I told doctors and nurses that I self medicate with cannabis they slowly stopped scheduling me for follow up appointments for anything. And I'm disabled due to my military service.
    In 2014 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, so I quit my meds that day to give my liver a chance to gradually heal, changed my diet to about 90% organic, drink pure water, etc. So since then they really abandoned me. I can't get a thing from them now but my disability check, but after fighting them for 13 years, losing my home, bouncing in and out of homelessness a few times, I finally won my case, and they owed me 13 years of back pay, so my hopes were restored, I could finally get a house and stop struggling. Not so. They owed me over $150k. They paid me $15k, and when I called to ask about the balance due, the guy said "No, that's it (re: the $15k). That's all you get. " I won't tell you what I was thinking. They do this to me when all I did was enlist back in 1974… went active duty April 75, stationed in Germany.

    I'm beyond pissed, but I left Florida rather than sit around and give up. Because of my experience with the V.A. and Social Security, I don't trust government. The V.A. are like a mafia. They'll rob you even though you gave up everything to serve honorably. I didn't deserve what they did to my life.

  3. This is BULLSPIT! The current administration AND CONGRESS NEEDS TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE NOW!!! Stop screwing over veterans and leaving them hanging out to dry! Cannabis works with PTSD and chronic pain, won't lead to violence, won't leave us addicted, IT JUST HELPS! So those out there against it need to either try it for themselves or just SHUT UP! Get over you're out of date "reefer madness" stereotypes and help our VETS!

  4. I use cannabis to treat ptsd. It works better than EVERY or ANY pharmaceutical To treat chronic pain and nightmares. I reported this to the VA several years ago as an outside medication. Why? Because I have and I do reccomend it for PTSD. I demand that the VA recognize its efficacy for the treatment of PTSD. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

    I demand federal legalization.
    Also it costs next to nothing when we grow our own.

  5. It is deffinately an alternative, but will not address the issue. It is just a bandade and could possibably lead to addiction. I am not against marijuana but it is not a cure. I am a SGT in the U.S. Army and I do suffer from chronic PTSD form my deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The reason mental health for vets is such a big issue is for a few reasons.
    1. people think we joind the military of our own free will and can just "deal with it"
    2. people dont understand how deep the issues go (partly because the vet is scared to open up abouth their issues)
    3. most VAs just want do do a "quick fix" and not really address the issues. Just put a bandaid over it.
    4. most vets buy into the stigmas of mental health.
    That last one I was guilty of for a while and my family suffered because of it. I suggest all service members, vets, family and friends listen to the headspace and timing podcasts or read the books written by the podcasts host. Duane K.L. France (books can be found on Amazon). Duane is a retifed SFC in the U.S. Army and is now a Veterans Mentalhealth counselor. This man knows what he is talking about. Not only because he went through it, his grandpa, dad, uncles and brother also went through it. Just do your research on him and you will see that he is WAY more than qualified to discuss these issues.

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