How I make Moisturizing Hemp Lip Balm ( With Recipe) My favourite Lip Balm !!!!

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  1. I just want to say thank you so very much for sharing all your knowledge and even your recipes with us, you are so kind!! I have been making many of the same products you do for yrs and still always learn so much from you 😊…which brings me to a question I'm hoping you can help with that has been driving me crazy for yrs!!! How do you prevent lip balms from getting grttty/grainy. I've tried all the tips and tricks (like holding butters to a certain temp and time, cooling them quickly in fridge, etc) and still end up with lip balms getting gritty weeks later. Has this happened to you…..I'm looking forward to trying this recipe in hopes of better luck!! Thank you so very much for all your time and help for other new creators out there!! Much Love to you! 🤗

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