How to make CBD oil using CBD isolate ~ Affordable CBD oil extract ~ Pain Relief, Anxiety & Insomnia

Hey friends! today I’m showing you how I made a 1000 mg CBD oil extract for my friend’s mom for pain relief and as a sleep aid.


  1. You need full spectrum for the entourage effect, without full spectrum you dont get full benefits of pain relief. Cbd isolate diesnt do a thing for my severe pain. I coukd be wrong, but you need more than isolate fir it to work. Ive never seen it made like that. Ive seen it made more like RSO would be made. Cbd straight from the hemp plant plant. How do u know how much powder u put in. Lol..u used a straw! 30ml is a small bottle. U dont want hercto have too much. How do b u know you have 1000 mg. Lol Good vudeo though. Thank u.

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