How To Set Up The Harmony CBD Vape Pen

New to CBD vaping? The Harmony CBD Pen is the easiest way to get started! Our tutorial shows you how simple it is to set up, …


  1. I just ordered mine a few hrs ago, would've been better if the company added the other flavours…or should i say….ALL the tasty flavours for the cartridge style vape pen??

  2. It doesn't taste like real bud at all. People who say that never smoked bud I think. Harmony advertise it as bud flavor. I wonder if they use real flower terpenes. I have the aroma's og kush and Gelato… Rubbish..

  3. Bought the OG Kush, New York diesel and Super lemon haze. seriously it tastes nothing like cannabis. and to be honest i think this taste is the worst taste i have ever tried when it comes to Vapejuice. no mather if it contains cbd or not. it still the worst.
    but when i read reviews on different places people talks very positiv about your product. totally different experience. so when im thinking of it i must have gotten a ruined batch or somthing because i cant imagine anyone enjoying the taste that im experiencing

  4. THIS PEN IS SUCK . I have used this product for 2 weeks. This pen is very bad. Use very quickly damaged. Very burnt. Waste of money when buying this product. Disappointed

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