Maintaining 120lb weight loss: Supplement edition

Part 2 of 3 in this series, unless you all want more lol so let me know by hitting the like, commenting and subscribing! Thanks …


  1. Gee this is impressive/inspirational stuff. You must feel great! I was once really overweight and I felt tired a lot. I suppose that was the main difference I noticed. I exercise now for mental health reasons (I reserve the right to maintain my largely sugar based diet).

  2. I tutor at a college, and between semesters I help students navigate the registration process. I was watching this video, and then one of the advisors sent a student to my virtual room. I definitely hit the "pause" button, but later on, the video somehow resumed playing. The student is probably still wondering who dared interrupt us to extol the virtues of various supplements. 😄

  3. That's a lot of supplements! But it's obviously working with the nutrition and exercise successfully, so go you!

    I have to be a bit careful with supplements, as I take a lot of medications in unusual combination, so that predicting interactions is hard.

    I'm also wary because it isn't always clear which ones are vegan/vegetarian.

  4. You don’t necessarily need pre workout. Coffee is fine and you could add alpha gpc or l citruline on if you need better blood flow and force production but you probably don’t need that. Honestly proper hydration getting enough electrolytes can be more beneficial than pre workout.

  5. I am sooo happy for you. I lost 145lbs, got a tummy tuck and arm lift and kept the weight off for 5.5 years… until breast cancer. I gained 30lbs with chemo and am now trying to rebuild my strength so I can get this weight back off!

  6. Holy crow! You look so much better with the weight loss! (Healthier, I mean.)
    It's definitely a thing that the exact way a person loses weight is very individual. There's general things that help, but it's ultimately an individual process.
    I'm not going to pull any punches. I was FAT until about 2011. And I didn't care. Was 260 lbs at my top weight. And under 5'8". (Usually I do the metric conversions as well, but I am not human before noon. And it's just after 8 in the morning here.)
    So, a stroke in November 2010 and was diagnosed with diabetes then (probably for quite a while before.)
    I have friends from Mexico, and I discovered that the basically "peon" diet (very similar to the native amerindians) didn't spike my blood sugar. After about 2 years eating like that, my blood sugar a1c was really close to total remission. Sounds like a similar diet to yours. Highly plant based (the "4 Sisters" – I bet you'd only heard of 3 – of corn, beans, squash and chiles are a very balanced diet, with the occasional meat.) Fortunately I like the diet, and it doesn't mean everything is spicy. Just has flavours I like. 😉

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