Managing Canine Epilepsy

Looking after an epileptic dog can be challenging, but we’ve managed to improve the quality of life for our girl by changing 3 …


  1. Hi Vince, thanks for the educational video! My dog just started having seizures three days ago and had 3 since. He's been seizure free for about 48 hrs. He's had four pills now (started friday evening, it's sunday morning).. and except for the usual side effects (wobbly walking, disorientation and so on) he seems to be ok. His breathing seems to be a bit heavier than usual, but i guess that's the medicine. But our problem is now: We don't know what to do during our day. Are we allowed to watch TV with him on the couch? Our lights are triggered by movement at some parts in our house and should we turn it off cause it could trigger him? we have so many questions …

  2. My dog has partial seizures and flare ups of pancreatitis, so we have her on low fat diet. Is there a good diet for seizures that is also low fat? My pup is on keppra 3 times a day but still has partial seizures every 2-3 weeks or so

  3. Hello Vince,
    I have a 2months puppy and she has seizure,I went to vet and is taking the medication but still it's not working.
    It's so sad to see her suffer but I'm so helpless please recommend something

  4. Phenobarbital is illegal in my country,you can't get it with a vet's recommendation,here it's only for people here. I'll have to order it from Croatia so wish me luck. My dog is a 9 years old pekingese dog…

  5. hey new friend you r pup is gorgeous xo I found you as my dog also has seiuzures I give him i do not want to give the meds unless its totally nessaasry because they ruin the liver. I have found some foods that trigger seisures and some that help it. I am going to do a recipe for seizures 🙂 its white fish and also turkey is good for seizures 🙂 great channel new friend

  6. Thank you for this video. Our dog was just diagnosed but we are struggling with feeding him the phenobarbitol tablets and having him spit them out. How do you do it? I've tried splitting the tablet in half and our dog will still spit it out. He's currently on two pills per day.

  7. thank you for your videos. My dog is epileptic and it has been quite a ride indeed. we are still trying to find the right dose of medication for him. but i surely will try these. thank you for your videos, they are so helpful!

  8. It's late night here.. The time is 12:42am…. My dog is suffering with epilepsy from last 6 days… His back legs are so weak that he can't stand on them… Previous week he was ok.. He used to greet me by jumping over me.. Now suddenly he can't even stand… It's day 2 that i am giving him phenobarbital… And recently about 5 minutes ago he got epilepsy attack so bad that i thought he'll be no more today… But he survived and moreover become more weak than today morning…. I'm very stressed… Also he spits out saliva during attack… Is that's harmful for us? For family members as he lives in our living room… Pls help me..

  9. Have you ever tried other medications or some other natural products or even trying new foods?
    In some papers they talk about additives or heavy metals in dog food causing seizures
    My dog has seizures every 3 weeks and even with 3x of the same medications as your dog's medications she's still having seizures every 3 weeks
    What gave you the idea of changing her food? any article? Thanks for trying to help other dogs with seizures

  10. Hi Vince. I just wanted to let you know how much your videos has helped me today. My dog has been having seizures as a result of a brain injury. The regular seizures at first were so hard to deal with as seeing him go through that was horrible. Thank you for your advice and helping me feel like I am not alone in this world with my little fitting terrier !!

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