1. Smoked alot when I was younger. Now at 42, straight to pound town. Not alot needs to be used. I will hit a 20-25 mg edible. I have never in all my years got off that hard. One of the best things I have ever done to improve.

  2. It is an actual question because I am looking at it as something that can be used for nonconsenual sex and its ramifications that it could negatively affect the Rape laws we have in this country, ie i was stoned we had sex i would never have sex with a stranger? You may think this is a bizarre thought but really really think about it, go to the very core, think about the act to the finale, because if we really open up this can of worms, are we prepared for them.

  3. Here's a rundown of the biochem with respect to THC and male sexuality (I did an extensive review of the scientific literature):

    Male sex drive and sexual function is mediated by Testosterone, a-melanocyte, Oxytocin, Vasopresin, Dopamine, nitrogen oxide, and noradrinaline- all of which have DHEA and Cortisol as their chemical precursors, with nitrogen oxide and noradrenaline having less-pronounced roles. Increases in these chemicals > increase sex drive and increased erectile function in men. The important thing to understand about this is that Increased DHEA and Increased Cortisol = increased sex hormones across the board because the vast majority of sex hormones are direct chemical substrates of Cortisol. (meaning you have to have cortisol to produce most, if not all, of the sex hormones- and the body simply can't produce them, chemically speaking, without cortisol).

    Now we get to the fun part: How Delta-9-THC affects these chemicals. In low doses THC stimulates CB1 which, in chain reaction, stimulates the HPA axis to increase cortisol levels, which in turn increases levels of ALL of these chemicals in tandem. HOWEVER, with chronic exposure or relatively high doses THC exhibits a bi-phasic-effect and downregulates CB1 receptors, and in turn Downregulates the HPA axis, producing the opposite effects.

    What all of this means: small doses of Delta-9-THC, used in moderation, increases male sex drive and improves erectile function via stimulating the HPA Axis to produce cortisol, BUT conversely in large doses and/or used chronically, it has the opposite effect, because the effects of THC are bi-phasic in a dose-dependant fashion, as well as exhibiting the bi-phasic effect in chronic users.

  4. These people all look at weed as a drug in your bloodstream. Santa Maria is a spirit that you journey with, first alone, and then with a partner. This is so reductionist, simplistic, uninspired and uninformed…

  5. Marijuana does not make sex uninteresting overtime speaking from personal experience I'm curious if any of these doctors have ever actually smoked marijuana and have real world experience

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