Marijuana Should Never Be Smoked ?? || Dr Aris Latham



  1. Off the weed, i could never really get the right emotions or feelings out, like if I see anything painful or gross on tv or on YouTube, didn’t really get it, but on it, I have the correct reaction, I’ll wince, or look away and be like “omg I hope they’re ok” “holy crap”

  2. i would have liked to know the exact name of those "toxins".
    many foods have toxins too. can we prove how toxic to the body those "toxins are? and in which quantity.
    * there is a process called decarboxylating which aims at heating the herb to higher temperatures in order to release certain chemicals that we as consumers are after and deem beneficial.

  3. So many losers smoke it all their life. Even when they have kids. They put their addiction first. Terrible. Do what you want but don't be a loser druggy parent.

  4. I was told this before in Vietnam and now I hear it again years later. And it makes so much sense to me for he speaks of truth. Learn and discern people. Don't burn what little bit of commonsense you have out. By being in the so called in-crowd- talking loud and saying nothing. Peace thanks for sharing this gem I Never Knew Tv. Bless You Dr. Aris Latham, Peace!

  5. Only puff on the weekend. Moderation is key . Dont do it everyday just like anything else. Youll get waaay more of an effect this way and your lungs will have a chance to repair. Someday theyre gonna find vaping is worse than smoking

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