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  2. I only wish they'd make it legal in the UK for people with chronic pain & other pain-related illnesses/conditions. I have too many issues to count & I'm already growing immune to even the strongest pain-relief on offer (heck, even local anaesthetic & epidural has no effect on me). I suffer so much pain that I've spent almost every day of the past 4 years (at least) in an "at-home" hospital bed inside my bedroom; & I hardly ever get to go out, unless it's for a hospital appointment. Those damn MPs should get things in motion & make it legal for people suffering like this; because this is no way for someone to live! If it helps better a person's quality of life; surely it's worth fixing it so that we CAN use medicinal cannabis/marijuana to help people LIVE their lives (instead of wishing they could just end it)?? They need to get off their asses & do something; as they're just being petty by making it "illegal", when it's been proven to be a much less harmful & beneficial drug! SMH… 😑

  3. I'm mad lmao I just wrote a research paper on this for my English class that basically just went into detail about everything they talked about and one of the sources was supposed to be a YouTube video rip

  4. I’m fortunate to have access to this MEDICATION to help me tolerate pain for post operative brain surgeries, of which I’ve had more than 30+. I have a plethora of chronic pain conditions successfully treated with the chemicals in MEDICINAL marijuana. I’ve seen how this effects people who smoke marijuana, and inhale it’s vapors, which is why I ingest my medication through edibles, rather than inhaling it. I use this instead of using opioids, which, while effective, mess with my digestive system horribly. I had opioids while inpatient post-op that had terrible effects on my digestive system. Thank god for the medicinal use of this product.

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