Melbourne Vlog – Best Things To Do And See (World's BEST Croissant)

Welcome to Melbourne Australia! In this vlog we check out the best things to do and see in the city, visit St Kilda and eat the …


  1. Wauw looks Amazing Melbourne those croissants 😋😋😋😋 I agree bit pricey but for such a size worth it
    Love your apartment the view omg thats just stunning , i be watching out all day. 😜
    The End view at night. Beautiful.
    Looking forward to your next video. Have a Great week 🥰

  2. I've lived in Melbourne my whole life and juz discovering it thanx to ur vlog Haha obviously not a city person but great job 👌 need to explore my own backyard b4 travelling international Haha keep it up 👌

  3. What a lovely vlog! I had a chance to visit Melbourne twice and indeed it's a great place. I found Australia being a very laid-back place, people are super nice, great sense of humour. The only thing which shocked me is how expensive it is!

  4. Did you guys rock up to Melbourne in the middle of winter on a random weekday like a Tuesday or something?

    As a native Melburnian I can tell you that heaps of places, like St Kilda, are pretty dead on a weekday during the day. St Kilda especially was hit hard during COVID so lots of places have closed.

    But, regardless of that, it’s great to see you guys experiencing my hometown and showing all the great aspects.

    The inner north, like Fitzroy, Collingwood, Northcote, and Brunswick have a really hipster vibe, more than St Kilda.

  5. So exciting seeing you guys in Melbourne! Doing a great job showing us around the city. So much culture! The only bad thing was the weather, but that did not dampen your spirits. Those croissants..OMG. You guys keep killing me with the food. Can't wait for part 2! 😎

  6. Pre Plandemic Melbourne was the best…. now it is F'ed up….. don't come here people… people in general are not how they used to be
    Check out how many bars and businesses have a shut down. Show that Stacey and Dan…..

  7. Oh I love this vid!! I spent a lot of time pre-pandemic in Melbourne, and it's just amazing! There are so many neighbourhoods to discover! It feels so nostalgic watching this, we also drove along the GOR and the conditions were perfect. Some of my best memories <3

  8. Hey Dane and Stacey. Hope your short time in Melbourne was memorable. Harriet and I visited Melbourne just before the Pandemic. All the places you went to we have been. Did you go to Queen Victoria Market ? We took a free Tour with a guide from the Public Library of Back Alley Streets. Our Tour Guide explained some of the famous street art created by some well-known street artists.
    We have a cousin who married an Aussie from Melbourne. We met them at the Lune Croissanterie Fitzroy. The Lobster Tails Croissants were delicious. Great Memories of Melbourne. We plan
    to return again. By the way, how is Nalu doing? What a sweetheart. Love you guys' 😍😍😍 Jim, Harriet and Yuki. Richmond, Va.

  9. I’ve been dying to go back since 2016, we didn’t travel far from the Royal Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald house – actually had really great dumplings and Ramen, which we lived off. But looking forward to where all the good food recommendations, and where to stay and explore – yaaassss!

  10. I had no idea you guys were in Melbourne. I drive past Luna Park every Saturday. The gas plumes at the Casino have been cancelled due to gas shortage/climate concerns. They also roasted some pigeons that roosted there. Yes its either too cold or too hot. Cheers guys.

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