My TMJ Pain is GONE | How I'm Curing my TMD

It’s been over 5 months of little to no jaw pain and much better mobility after 10 years of pretty chronic TMJ issues. In this video I …


  1. I am on week 4 of bad Tmj pain. It’s so debilitating especially because it has taken me out of work putting financial stress on myself. But man this pain won’t go away! I’ve also been taking magnesium and vitamin d. Maybe I’ll have to try the turmeric..

  2. I’m glad I’m not alone in this it sucks because nobody really understands how much pain I’m in it sucks to talk without being in pain and it’s the whole day that I’m in pain tbh idk if there is a cure for this

  3. I have a question you said you can open wide now did you’re jaw used to pop out of place before or you never had that happened when you would open wide or yawn just wondering and how did you do it to fix that issue and be able to open wide ?

  4. What helps when you can’t bite down? I’ve had a flare for almost 3 weeks now and it hurts to bite down with extreme pain and locks as well. Thanks for this info. I have lupus and it’s trying to kick my butt right now hence to why I’m in a flare. Thanks

  5. TMJ is due to structural damage to your bone, any kind of supplement may heal the inflammation, but the structural damage still remains. Try to avoid chemicals to solve this, try natural remedies.

  6. I love you. I suffer for 7 years now. Take pain medication. Gives me a lot of relief. That's how I live through the day. You give me the hope I need. Pseudodiscs you make me cry by hearing the word. So they do exist. It is possible. You give me hope 😘.

  7. Thanks for sharing your TMJ experience. It was really enlightening to watch and listen.
    I have been having sporadic TMJ pain since 2017. The pains became stable & excruciating mid-January this year(2022), stretching from my jaw to my ears, eyes, neck, and head. My everyday life has been disrupted ever since. A recent visit to an orthodontist recommended Botox or laser treatments for the pains and also Invisalign to correct my bite which will ultimately aligne my jaw to its actual place.
    I am wondering if this recommendations would work?

  8. Thank you, I will definitely try this; I've been dealing with TMD for about 2 months now, 24/7, pain, vertigo and it worsens my panic attacks, I hope everone will ge relief soon.

  9. Can you please share your experience during PREGNANCY. I am planning and love to get pregnant but I am scared as well because I can’t sleep on my left side not even for a minute due to jaw pain. In pregnancy, doctors suggest to sleep on left side which is impossible for me also I heard TMJ pain increases during pregnancy so can you please suggest how to handle and did you feel better or worse during all pregnancies. That would really help

  10. 15 days back my jaw start clicking sound when i open mouth one click and when i close my mouth another click appeared with out pain but today when i open mouth a large click appeared then after onwards when i open mouth there is no clicking sound . Next day morning usually my clicking is back This is repeating every day . Day time with large click my clicking is gone but next day morning again my clicking is back .So please anyone tell me what happened , There is no pain asusual

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