1. Joe Peterson is a hypocrite, he spent 11 years as a narcotics officer, stealing people's freedoms for non crimes, such as selling a product, or buying a product. Now he's helping the people he used to make victims out of. Bad person. Message to people in the marijuana industry, choose better. If they are a former cop, that means they have no integrity or morals. Do not hire known sociopaths. These people don't deserve a second chance.

  2. One major issue is drug tests. More officers approve of marijuana than ever before. If drug tests only focused on hard drugs we wouldn't care. I know three officers this year who took early retirement so they could smoke. Chill officers are better than stressed officers.

  3. Opportunists. So how many former police officers that have ruined young persons lives for possession of an ounce of weed, now are jumping ship to protect the MJ they demonized in the past.
    I suggest this quick switch of career paths tells more of a person's character than anything else.
    We had a dirt bag fascist police chief of Toronto. Now he guards the weed he used to take off the streets. Makes three times he used to. Mercenary. Hypocrat.

  4. they were locking people up for it for a paycheck and now they are helping people get it for a bigger paycheck. proof that they don't care about your rights or your life. they care about their bottom line only. de-militarize and limit the scope of our police officers. that thin blue line is a joke and never to be taken seriously

  5. There should only be ONE requirement for police or ex-officers when it comes to applying for or working within a dispensary.
    The one requirement is: Have you ever arrested anyone for a simple marijuana possession during your career as an officer?

    Answer: Yes = Get bent, go find another career because that's super gross to send people to jail and then when the time came you immediately turn around and attempt to seek profit from the very same thing you fucked up peoples lives over when arresting them.
    Answer: No = WELCOME ABOARD! Thanks for not being a fucking sleaze bag during your duty.

  6. Not cops joining the marijuana industry before petty weed charges are expunged and innocent men are released from prisons that cops put them in? Not allowing them to be in the industry they pioneered.

  7. These dispensaries are targeted for obvious reasons…ROBBERY….When the recreational dispensaries get up and running, along with the current facilities, even more security will be needed…Good Luck.

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