1. I saw this product and was impressed that it was endorsed by Oprah, I didnt do enough research and purchased 1 bottle that was supposed to be $59.99. As I hit purchase I immediately got a fraud alert text from my credit card company asking me to verify my purchase. That made me suspicious so I declined the order. A week later I was charge $278.50 on my credit card and the next day I received 5 bottles of the gummies and 2 bottles of some type of cleanse pills. There was no information with the bottles or anyway to contact the company. I called my credit card company and because I declined the charges when they texted me, they refunded the charges and canceled my credit card and sent me a new one. I didn't lose anything thankfully because my credit card company was very helpful but that was definitely NOT what I originally wanted to purchase, I would never spend that much money on something like that. Just another scam for the desperate people like me that will try anything to make losing weight easier. The product I received was called super slim gummy bears in a blue and white bottle

  2. I have struggle with my weight since my last pregnancy with my twins boys and I am in my mid 40's so for me is hard to lose weight I work 7 days a week and I am a mom , wife my job is never finish so I don't have the time to go to the gym I exercise at home whenever I get a chance but doesn't happen as often as I wish to and when I saw the advertisement about Oprah's keto gummies I looked into it and it seem too good to be true so I started to do some search and I found your broadcast about Oprah's keto gummies and how is a scam and all that you say is true and it make sense because if it was true it would of been in good morning America and even on the lateshow. Someone from the media would have interviewed her about it and she would have made commercials about it and I have not seen nothing like that. But if I was her I would have gone to the media about it so innocent people that work very hard for their money don't fall for this scammers that just want to live a life out of innocent people. All those scammers should all go to jail 😤

  3. So glad I read this and did some research before making a purchase. This ad was presented on instagram for me. Very convincing I might add. Looks like I dodged a bullet. Thank you for your review!

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