Ortonville moving ahead with new marijuana ordinance – The Oakland Press

The Village of Ortonville is moving ahead with implementing its new recreational marijuana ordinance.

On Aug. 2 voters approved a new ordinance created by a group called Ortonville Residents for Action that allows adult-use marijuana businesses to operate in the village by a 221 to 216 margin.

According to village manager Ryan Madis, the village opted not to ask Oakland County for a recount because of the $3,000 cost and the slim chance of finding enough votes to change the results..

It was not likely that there would be that much change with a recount,” he said.

The new ordinance allows sales for three years once enacted and prevents the village council from making changes.

The village, population 1376, opted out of marijuana sales in March 2019 after recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan after a 2018 statewide vote.

The ordinance calls for a limit of two cannabis businesses operating no earlier than 7 a.m. and no later than 11 p.m.  Adults age 21 and older could purchase products and the ordinance allows for delivery and drive-thru windows.

The council met on Aug. 22 and adopted a resolution approving the new ordinance and set the annual license fee at the state maximum $5,000.

The ordinance says establishments must be at least 1,000 feet from a licensed childcare facility, 500 feet from another marijuana establishment, 2,000 feet from a park and be on a road that sees 20,000 cars per day.

If two marijuana businesses open their doors, Madis estimates that Ortonville would receive just over $100,000 in state revenue sharing funds annually.

Michigan law states all marijuana retail establishments are subject to an excise tax of 10 percent of all sales which goes into the state regulation fund.

The state then divides those funds with 15% going to each county and the municipality where businesses are located, 35% to the state School Aid Fund and 35% to the Transportation fund for road improvement.

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