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  1. You answered all my questions. Thank you. My biggest worry is leaving so much behind because the tiniest amount is gold
    On the spatula, pan, everywhere it touches.

    How do you know if every single drop of the alcohol has been removed. And do you know if there is any alcohol, even the tiniest bit, Would it be concentrated? Or does it boil off evenly. I hope that makes sense

  2. I’ve been making my own Rick Simpson oil for 10 years. I’ve given it to some friends with cancer, most survived I know of one that did not. I find Rick Simpson oil to be very helpful.

  3. ive been using 99.9% iso which is really easy for me to get locally… and thinking about switching to 100% Ethanol. which is much harder for me to get and much more expensive… i hear it doesnt pull terps as fast but i like the thought of using an "editable" solvent. i also have an option for more money to go with an "organic ethanol" however i have not decided on that one yet. i want to make both RSO and tincture.

  4. I've got a jar that still smells like it has iso in I'm worried about heating the jar to much would just leaving the lid off the jar in a dark place for a week or so remove this smell without heating

  5. In 1974 researchers at the Medical College of Virginia, who had been funded by the National Institute of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system, instead they found THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice–ling and breast cancer, and a virus–induced leukemia. The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research.

  6. Could you make a video with recipes to use with the leftover oil? Also how long is each batch of oil good for? Any kind of expiration date?

  7. Thank you, super good presntation.!!!! You are wonderful Big soul and heart . If you watch the docum film. RICK AND ME, Mike wise made abour Rick Simpson, its full of key info. …will rso help EHS , EMR wireless radiation and esp. 5G. Severe Head pajns (inflammation from : the radiation heat of cell towers , wifi antennas snart jeters routers lhones etc. all these are destructive to cells dna), its all manmade rf,s electromagnetic freq,s cooking all life nonstop) , i wonder if RSO can help me heal brain etc, after all the hell i,ve gone thru last 6 yrs from wireless radiation, am a emf refugee, cant live in cities or near any peoplewith wifi, thank you

  8. thanks for sharing. $500 jar is crazy. lol i have seen 1 gram/ ml full syringe between 20-60. what i dont get is that legalizing should have brought the price down, not up so high that people that really need it, can not still afford it. is what happens when citizens allow gov to control the price i guess.. what it does for cancer is great. All that sugar would not be good if one has cancer, but sounds good for others. thanks for sharing! great info

  9. This is a nice video. So glad you are helping to spread the love and knowledge. I do have one concern. Rick Simpson warned of not using non food grade alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) when making this is you plan to ingest it. He recommended simple, high proof grain alcohol.

  10. hi, i live in france, i watched the videos de Rick Simpson, but i don’t understand he recommends not to exceed 120• and you say 240° is too much , and you have shortened the cooking time. the goal of rick simpson is to have the full spectrum not to burn it

  11. Very good information and I had to laugh about being a hillbilly because I are one. 😂. The whole time you are talking about the things RSO can help I’m thinking of all the people I know who should try this. I can’t wait to make mine!! Oh, you ended up with black on your teeth and lip 🤣

  12. What strain do you recommend? The oil I purchased activates so I’m assuming it was made w a sativa strain. I also was told to take Cbd after a bit to calm me down.

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