The Buzz: The Effects & Aftermath of Alcohol | Ep. 284

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  1. In this episode, Chris Scott and Matt Finch discuss the definition of alcohol, its contents, and the meaning of a "buzz," the feeling you get after consuming alcohol. They talk about what these feelings entail, the aftermath once the feelings fade, and how this can keep people coming back for more including the placebo effect and positive association.

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    📖 CHAPTERS 👇
    [00:00] Introduction to the Buzz, The Effects & Aftermath of Alcohol
    [04:34] The Fear of the Buzz Wearing Off
    [07:05] The Objective Effects of Alcohol
    [09:24] Create Your Own Euphoria
    [17:04] The Power of Conditioning & Suggestion
    [23:37] The Importance of Environmental Factors Along with the Power of the Mind
    [28:33] Learning to Not See Your Addiction as an Anchor
    [32:35] Positive Anticipation & the Benefits
    [37:06] Review of the Buzz, The Effects & Aftermath of Alcohol

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  2. Funny placebo type experience. I usually only buy six packs other wise drink the lot. Drunk one six pack went out Came home with 2 6 packs in back pack drunk them went to sleep. Woke in morning with a hang over, bad cause drunk 3 sick packs. Checked back pack and still a full 6 pack inside and instantly hang over symptoms halved.

  3. Thanks for doing this guys. Been drinking since I was 21. I turn 36 in a few days. I've been working to lose weight and alcohols making it tough. Here I go again trying to quit!

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