The Simpa Life Ep 92: Andrew DeAngelo

Episode 92 of The Simpa Life Podcast features Andrew DeAngelo. Andrew is a cannabis consultant, activist, strategic advisor, …


  1. I could tell I'd picked a bad time to say hello first time I saw your face at Product Earth chatting to a suit… Good rant BTW, heh

    I hope Andrew does make it over to the UK to an event or two; am sure he'd be very welcome

    Thanks for another good interview 🙏 🙌 👍

  2. Brilliant Simpa, been quite a while since I last tuned into any of your work.. Or cannabis related to be honest. Great work, great guest to have on. Really interesting hearing views of someone who has been there done it. Won a lot of battles and had a massive impact. Great work mate, keep it up man. ✌🏻💚

  3. Apart from the climate change nonsense, I don't see how declassification and changing policy can be implemented together. One side, the stoner community, want ZERO legislation over our plant and the corps and big pharma want to control policy. Its kowtowing to these bizarre laws that got us where we are now.

    Simply do not comply.

  4. I think you could be on to something with the voice, I mean look at it this way, as babies/toddlers we have a world of knowledge that we just forget like kinetic lifting for instance, look how a toddler picks up something(straight back and bends knees). I think cannabis opens that part of your consciousness (my kids say I’m a big child lol), This may sound like a total load of crap but in my head it makes sense lol.
    Love the episode as per usual, loved his laugh it was very contagious 😆✊

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