The Untapped Power of Fungi – The Mushroom Show Episode #12 with Rashad Evans and Del Jolly

The world is slowly realizing that everyone has the power to take their health back into their own hands. This is the vision that the …


  1. I love how you guys are not shy about collaborating with your competition for the greater good. Great interview,it is not all about money indeed. Much Love and respect from Cambodia ❤

  2. The fact that both Rashad Evans and Tony are in one video is mind blowing to me. I have a long history with MMA and only a recent huge supporter of FreshCap. This is the colab I never knew could exist, but always needed !

  3. Cool to see Rashad Evans in this space, it surprised me. I hope you guys also look into ozone therapy & technology which turns O2 oxygen into O3 ozone. We use ozone to purify tap water hence no fear of modern outbreaks using tap water.

    It turns back to oxygen shortly & having both ozone & more oxygen in your bloodstream does amazing things. Most people drink fresh ozonated water to get the benefit of ozone absorbed in the blood.

    It kills cancer cells & technically is a biblical science as man created based on how God made the world & uses the ozone layer to protect us from the sun. One can even say biblical Living Water is ozone based on how its described in the old & new testaments. Look into it, you wont regret it. Changed my life.

  4. Hey i tryed getting the book i singed up a week ago and still haven’t gotten it yet does ot take a while or i did something wrong ill try to redo it and i love your videos made me understand was more about mushrooms than i ever did awsome content awsome products

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