Then and Now Update | Adoption Story!

Then and Now Update | Adoption Story! Update on where Aurora is now. She has come so far and we are so proud of her. This is …


  1. You should look into getting a toy organizer hammock/wall net. It might be helpful when it comes to the stuffed plushies. Also, I love seeing all the progress Aurora has made. It's amazing!

  2. I love aurora so much, I love you all💖 also just wanted to say it’s not called Asperger’s anymore (some many still use it or call it that) but it’s ASD now (autism spectrum disorder)

  3. If I was a gambler I'd bet she's somehow seen Pennywise!!!! It recently happened with my grandson (thanks to few of the older grandkids) and my son and his wife are experiencing the EXACT SAME ISSUE!!

  4. i worked with kids with autism. I am not seeing it at all, not even aspergers. technically the speech delay is too much to qualify for an aspergers diagnosis if no single words by age 2 and no phrases by 3. do they formally list apraxia of speech as a diagnosis? in theory if a person just can't physically talk because of another issue, but does otherwise communicate within aspergers guidelines, it could be aspergers. They also say you can't have ID and aspergers. But if you think about it, a person with Down Syndrome could have an IQ of 70. The IQ is clearly attributed to the DS, a doctor may opt to call it aspergers if the autism symptoms are mild. These videos will be really good to review if you are reconsidering the autism diagnosis. I had one student we went back and forth on the diagnosis for a few years. Around 5, he was caught up with language and was more socially connected. It wasn't until his parents renovated the house and he had a backslide because of all the disruption that it was clear it was autism. He is right on the cusp of aspergers. He just started his 3rd year at a high tech college…has a driver's license and lives on campus unsupervised….6 hours from his parents

  5. Aaron, so I get cold sores constantly. I was also using Lysine and taking the pills every day. But I recently found a medicine that has made mine disappear in like 5 days. It's called Herpicine L. it comes in a small tube, and it also has lidocaine in it to help with the pain and itching. And I have never found anything that works better than it. I hope it works as well as it's been working for me!!!!

  6. Asperger’s is on the autism spectrum. World wide they are taking away labels such as Asperger’s and it’s now levelled , level 1/2/3 etc. Asperger’s is level one autism and is often high functioning. My son has it

  7. Aaron Lysine never worked for me. See if your doctor or dentist can give you a prescription for valtrex. You take one as soon as you feel the cold sore coming on and then you will never get it. It’s a life saver. Hope this helps. Also sun or very cold will trigger cold sores. So try lip sunscreen.

  8. I have problems saying my Bs my dental hygienist recently told me i have a tongue tie. I am almost 60 in December. Never was told this by any dentist. That i had this. May explain why i have problems saying certain words

  9. Hey, I am new here and I saw some Videos and I was wondering why Aurora lives by your family and not by Jamie because she is her biological mom ?? Thank you for answering 💗


  11. Her developing a lisp may be from hearing a friend in school talk 😅 I know when I was young I often changed my speech to match friends in school I grew out of it in the middle of 1st grade.

  12. Hey I saw you were saying how the doctors are saying she doesn’t have autism, tho I did think that she does too, but what I’ve just learned and what doctors are learning now is that girls don’t show the typical symptoms and traits that boys show, and girls are now diagnosed on a whole different assessment as girls with autism tend to mask there symptoms and go through life undiagnosed and miss diagnosed till there adult hood I’m 22 and I’m under assessment, as the modern medicine is moving on so are doctors and girls symptoms to autism compared to males are soo different little bit from an article as scientists are now doing more studys in females rather then male, all of the symptoms and traits are all studies on the males, Little girls were reported to be more likely than boys to mimic others in social situations and to want to fit in with other kids. “They often develop a way to camouflage their symptoms. Also, they tend to obsess over friendships and can develop them, or one or two close and like-minded allies,” says Robyn Young, an associate professor of psychology at Flinders University in Australia and a member of Hiller’s team.

    Boys are more likely to withdraw and isolate themselves from others. In fact, the boys’ parents tended to be more worried about their sons’ isolation, while the girls’ parents reported more concerns about emotional outbursts such as meltdowns.2 A separate study, of children in the Simons Simplex Collection, added irritability and lethargy to the list of problems that affect girls more than boys with ASD.7

    Girls control their emotions better at school, where they act far differently than they do at home, according to several studies of children with autism and average-range IQ.2,3,4 Teachers are much less likely to voice concerns about girls than boys.2 That is “possibly because boys are more disruptive,” Young said. Teachers appear to focus more of their attention on boys with autism, who reportedly struggle with hyperactivity and classroom behavior.4

    Nonetheless, girls with autism are just as impaired, or more impaired, in their social and communication skills, according to some studies.4,7 Boys and girls have similar problems with understanding social situations. But some girls have an edge on boys when it comes to using gestures and maintaining a conversation.3 please look in to it and rethink speaking to your doctor

  13. Aurora has overcome some hurdles in her life, and is coming along so well. She has a strong loving family to help her succeed. Blessings to you all.

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