1. Great video. I was one of those that you talked about. I was a SAHM and homeschooled my kids and raised my family and did everything at home, then after almost 23 years of marriage I went through a divorce. I didn’t have the skills the world wanted. I ended up waiting tables, cleaning and eventually being a caregiver. Most of the time I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. It was tough but my frugality got me through. I’m blessed now to be married to a wonderful man who works hard and likes me taking care of our home.

  2. Your comments about constantly thinking and talking about frugal living were very validating. I’m only a year in and I’m so burned out by my own frugal thoughts. All I think about is money (or lack thereof) and the struggling economy.

    Time to let go of the unhealthy parts and catch my breath a bit. I’m done with my part time job at the end of this month and look forward to spending my evenings reading, cooking healthy meals, and not working or thinking about working.

  3. Kate ~ I enjoyed your video today. I am in the process of clearing out my freezer of meat. We are headed back to a more veggie based diet. Is there a Masala spice you can suggest to me…I love curry but have never used the Masala before. Thank you !

  4. Loved this! You and Bali have created a lovely, cozy home and backyard. The pergola looks great. Glad to hear the homeschooling is going well for the boys and for you too! We adults should be putting in time to actively learn too. I like your attitude about not worrying so much if the budget isn't strictly adhered to, or if a little meat is had. It doesn't have to be all or nothing does it. 🙂

  5. I live in OR and we are both lucky to live on the West Coast where we have Winco and Grocery Outlet. Winco has all the bulk foods ( which the East Coast does have not in any of their stores ) and Grocery Outlet had lots of cool snacks. I like DT for snacks too.

  6. I love the positivity and relaxed vibe on your channel! Whenever I need a booster in inspiration and motivation, I find it here. You make me want to live a simple and frugal life because it feels light and joyful not because of current horrible events. Of course, money is always a factor, but it not being the only reason, makes it a lot easier. When I first discovered frugality, I was so excited and watched and read a lot about it. However, at some point, you just know what and how to do it. It becomes a lifestyle. So currently I am kind of bored and tired of the topic and rather watch something that makes me laugh or nourishes my soul. I would be really interested (If you are willing to share) about the things you learned doing your own inner work and now practice in your day-to-day life. Have a great day Kate! 🙂

  7. I also spoiled my Murphy with canned food topping the last 3 years of his life. You can stretch the tablespoon of canned dog food by mixing it with water in a small bowl and then pour it like gravy on top of the dry. If you run out of canned food, try watered down mayo or ranch dressing, or if you have it, shmear on some peanut butter or bacon grease.

  8. Kate i spend 30$ a week at grocery outlet for me and the mister. i have made substitutions like u say. i make oat milk now. i buy everything i see and know is a good deal. i buy lots of good deals from grocery outlet in the frozen food sections. u know what? vegan/vegetarian foods as in meat substitutes i never would have gotten to try at other stores cause they are so costly . i love grocery outlet. and we are eating fresh veggies from our garden.i love vegetarian and vegan foods.

  9. that book on writing by stephen king is a wonderful book. i have it and have read it. one of the best books ever!! if gar wanted to leave me. i would give him the house and i would get a bare piece of land and live there. 😜since we have been married for 53 yrs.i dont think we are gonna break up. i am so glad i worked out of the home and got my social security monies. it was very hard. now i am just happy to be home and crochet,clean and cook. good thoughts Kate.

  10. Our homeschool days are getting to be similar, we do language arts/reading curriculum and a math curriculum and all the rest right now is just interest based, videos, games, they do “dojogo” on YouTube, and the girls do “Sam cam” dance studio on YouTube, after reading “dumbing us down” by John Taylor gatto my whole view on what learning and school should be changed.

  11. About inflation, I agree with you, Kate. I do love to learn tips & tricks on budgeting, but BOY, am I OVER the obsessive, fearfulness around the topic. Just follow some simple steps that are tried and true for your family and then MOVE ON! Not in a quitting way, but it's important to focus on gratitude, a simple, happy life, a simple, thorough cleaning routine, meals you love, people you love, and staying positive and improving your mental and physical health. Stay blessed, Kate!♥️🇨🇦

  12. My dog is spoiled as well! She won't eat her food without a sprinkling of Parmeseano Reggiano on her food. The vet said that she can have some cheese, "but only the good cheese!." Well… excuse me!🤣

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