Vegunts: Weak in Body and Mind | Grunt Speak Live

It turns out that listening to nutrition advice from elites and thots is remarkably dangerous to your health. Join the Crazy Drunk …


  1. Since when are Popp (or is that spelled C.O.P.D.?) and sausage-fingers (Brent) the role models for good health? the AVERAGE VEGAN LIVES LONGER (source: ADA Position Paper On Vegetarian Diets from >95% meat eating researchers.) and AVOIDS MENTAL DECLINE TO AN OLDER AGE (source: ibid). Ted Nugent is healthier than the average hunter (but his son is vegan, and they still get along…he's not a LEFTIST vegan), then there's the MMA fighter Harley Flanagan & vegan Navy vet John Joseph McGowen (Flanagan knifed 2 of McGowen's bandmates, lol not the most pacifist or pussified vegans — McGowen wrote a book called MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES which feminist vegans protested (lol) as he went on Joe Rogan's show and he's a triathlete now, over 60 years old, in a new band called Bloodclot always offending non-vegans AND pol-correct vegans…) so there are always EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE on both sides. McGowan's never had B12 problems — actually, meatheads have nearly as many B12 deficiencies as the average vegan, and humanity used to get its B12 from plants: what killed B12 in the diet of vegans AND meat-eaters was the type of pesticides which weren't banned until after the 1960's were killing bacteria in the soil (bacteria…not plants or animals…is the source of ALL B12, your plant's roots or livestock's intestines are just ABSORBING the bacteria that produce B12). It'll take a few more decades for these type of B12-bearing bacteria to re accumulate their formerly ubiquitous presence in the soils of North America and most continents that were industrialized by the 1960's. Maybe the average vegan is simply what an M.D. in the 1920's — pre-obesity America — would call "normal weight." but India has pretty many FAT vegans. (curries are fat-people foods even when meat is removed)

  2. Speaking of PETA, you forgot about their penchant for abducting people's pets and killing them, or maybe you didn't know that.

    PETA isn't labled a terrorist group for nothing.

  3. Also, there exists technology for the liquid thorium reactor… abundant, self containing (safe) and only slightly less efficient than uranium nuclear reactor… cleaner, safer, and sustainable… but do "they" do that? nope… why not? $$$$$!! If they cant tax it, you can't have it… HEMP… YOU SAID IT!! HEMP for PRESIDENT! Down with bloody big head!

  4. The technology exists to modify the carburetor to get between 500 and 1000 mpg of gasoline… THAT would bring the PRICE back down to "normal"… virtually everyone who developed it was bought out or otherwise silenced.

  5. How can you tell if someone's a vegetarian?
    Just like with stoners, queers, private pilots, DON'T WORRY, THEY'LL TELL YOU!
    As for hemp being "sustainable," it's like tobacco and cotton in that it really strips the ground of nutrients. The saying in cotton farming country is "don't buy land to raise cotton, only rent it." You get a couple of years of good output then you have to use MASSIVE amounts of petro chemical fertilizer to get any crop. Definitely not a green, sustainable crop.

  6. These same commie fockers refuse to push Thorium molten salt reactors. For all their claims that GWOT was a war for oil they continually work against American energy independence.

  7. As for the BS report: research your stuff better.

    Here are a few nudges:

    International military tribunal charter

    Article 19.

    The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.

    Article 20.

    The Tribunal may require to be informed of the nature of any evidence before it is entered so that it may rule upon the relevance thereof.

    Article 21.

    The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.

    It`s from the nuremberg and other trials. German guilt for Katyn has been established there in court and to my understanding has never been in front of a court since then (apart from a trial in Leningrad where supposedly a german officer confessed but i haven`t seen the transcripts). No matter what the polish, russian and other goverments say now about this incident.

    To my understanding you still risk jail in france if you say that the sowjets and not the germans did it. It`s the Gayssot law. It`s named after a guy of the french communist party and it was enacted at about the same time that things about Katyn got public because of Gorbachev / about the time he gave documents on it to the polish goverment.

    Also to my understanding you still risk legal trouble and even jail in germany and other countries for saying the exact same things that Yad Vashem in Israel and the USholocaustmuseum say, because they say things that differ for which germans were tried, found guilty and executed or imprisoned at this trials.

    This combined with people who took part in it and their track reckord (e.g. judges) as well as critics at that time (the Chief Justice of the US surpreme court at that time, Harlan Fisk Stone spoke out against it).

    You might be interested in the following books:

    Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince (1532)

    Gustave Le Bon: Psychology of the Masses (1895)

    Vladimir Lenin: What to be done Lenin (1902)


    Edward Bernays: Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923)

    Edward Bernays: Propaganda (1928)

    Theodore N. Kaufman: Germany must perish (1941)

    Earnest Hooton: Hooton Plan (1943)

    Louis Nizer: What to do with germany (1944)

    Jacques Ellul: Propaganda: The formation of mans attitudes (1965/1973)

    Dr. Michael F. Connors: Dealing in Hate. The Development of Anti-German Propaganda. (1966, 1979, 1996)

    As for the ww2 UK propagandist look for Sefton Delmer

    As for ww2 sowjet propagandists look for Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman.

    As for ww2 US propaganda look for Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, Theodore Kaufman, Earnest Hooton and Louis Nizer.

    You can throw Billy Wilder and the movie he made about Buchenwald while working for the US psychological warfare division in there too. The same with Alfred Hitchcock`s film/documentary.

    There are also voices, who say that Steven Spielberg is pretty much the same as Wilder. That includes jewish voices like Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce (who wrote a open letter to Spielberg). Someone even made a video answer/documentary to his movie Schindlers List that analised this movie. I can`t say if the statements made there are true or not. All i can say is that it`s out there.

  8. I was stationed at Fort Lewis and seafood is a HUGE deal. A couple of women that I dated took it over the top. They were pescatarian and basically only ate fish and salad. Makes it tough when they want you to choose a restaurant and you want a steak. Just saying. Don't get me wrong, I love to go crabbing, salmon fishing on the Columbia River, clam digging, harvest oysters, etc. You have to mix your diet. I hunt deer, eat beef, chicken, pork. Seafood and salad is great! Just not for every meal.

  9. Electric cars, as a truck guy got a brand new truck with a fast v8. New last of the v8s is coming. That a road warrior movie (Mel Gibson) reference. Would like to get a bike next…

  10. People and their willful ignorance really grinds my gears. Hydrogen and battery 'powered' cars… aren't. Both technologies are a storage medium for energy. Which often does come from coal fired power stations. Or nuclear. But everyone is scared of that now because of Fuck-you-shimma melting down because the switching station was located in a basement. At risk of flooding in a tsunami. Engineers told management that the basement below the water table was a terrible location for the switching station that routed power from the emergency generators. And of course management did nothing.

    If we want everyone to have an EV, aging grids all over the planet will need to be upgraded. At huge cost and it will take time. What no one is talking about is that in the short term coal is powering a lot of the grid. The average petrol engine runs about 30-36% thermal efficiency. Diesels can be almost 50%. Coal fired plants are between 35-42%. And there are losses putting all that energy through an aging power grid.

    What I'm saying is that if everyone had an electric car right now, and the electrical grid was a brand new upgrade, it would put us right back where we started. We still need coal. Or nuclear. Some renewables can be utilized in some locations, but not all. And considering we can't even get people to separate garbage into the red bin and recyclables into a yellow one, how are we going to address the rolling clusterfuck that is millions and millions of old lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs? As well as the incredibly humane conditions of the lithium mines in the developing world.

    It's the same willful ignorance with the vegunts. One idiotic blanket solution simply does not work. The Inuit people historically ate nothing but meat, fish, and some tubers & seaweed when they could get it. They're now experiencing more health problems… because they're eating the same crap we are eating from the supermarket. There are also people out there with all sorts of fubar allergies and immune conditions that are on a carnivore diet and doing fine. I'm sure there must be a vegan out there somewhere that doesn't look exhausted and half dead, and if so that's great. Good for them. But it obviously doesn't work for everyone. About the only universal thing we should be able to agree on is most of us could probably stand to eat less processed rubbish.

  11. I know “every family has one…”, my sister-in-law is one of those lefty vegans. She’s not what anyone would call “slender”, but rather skinny. We’re talking like concentration camp skinny. She’s always sick from one ailment to another. My wife on the other hand eats what I do, much of which is wild game (I hunt and fish pretty well anything edible), and we’re healthy. The sister-in-law is constantly preaching about how “meat is murder”, but we add “tasty, tasty murder”. She simply can’t see the concrete evidence as she looks in the mirror.

  12. Always been a big dude. Tried vegetarian, I gained weight instead of losing. Carbs, grains, processed foods -always hungry. Keto/Paleo works best for me. Weight training so I add protein powder, creative, mct oil. At 54, it’s harder to build and recover. Starting boxing class next Wednesday morning with a professional boxer. Sounds like my kind of cardio.

  13. That woman was 38…. she shouldnt have been allowed to have a child on that age in the first place.

    Btw…smoked horse meat… that stuff is crazy delicious. Also "taboo-ish" overhere in the Netherlands, but once you had it, every horse you see in the future will becomes nothing but a huge hump of smoked meat.

  14. If it happens to be a female who is vegan, ask her if she has children. If she does she is a liar, her body did consume animal product to create another being. If she says no she is still a liar, for obvious reasons.

  15. Vegans like to complain about "killing intelligent creatures" yet hasn't it been proven that plants are aware and responsive? Also that meat farms supposedly takes up too much land and is destructive, but crops in the quantities needed to sustain a large population is highly destructive to the soil.

  16. I am going to find an old car, do a frame – off restoration on it and put a monster of a gas engine in it. No electric or modern gas car garbage will have to be dealt with.

  17. That's it the human species is done we're not going to make it we no longer deserve the right to live on this planet it's time for another species to take the reins maybe they can do a better job

  18. So here's the craziest part about electric (burning shit at a plant) vs. burning shit in your motor: not only does coal at a plant produce half the power per mass vs. gasoline, it also produces three times the carbon. But then on top of that you lose ~60% of the generated energy when sending it down the power line.

    We will almost triple the rate at which we consume resources to travel the same amount of distance if everyone switches to electric. We'll be producing around six times the pollution per kWh consumed. This entire plan isn't just infeasible, it's actually worse for the environment and civilization in every conceivable way.

    I'm always a proponent of reducing pollution and energy consumption but this is absolutely pants-on-head-wee-tah-did.

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