VLOG // Poot’s Cactus Nursery + Parrotlets + Stovetop Kettle Rant + Jacque Marie Mage

A day in my cactastic life. I care for parrotlets and show you what I fix them to eat. I share the CBD oil one of the birds takes to …


  1. Hi! I loved your video being such a sincere and fun vlog style! My household uses a good old-fashioned kettle, lol, but only because we make coffee using a coffee press-we aren't super specific about it having to be what we use. I love your sunglasses and think it's neat that they look kind of sepia-tinted! The birds have such cute personalities that shined through on your video! During your time at the cactus nursery, I think my favorite to see was the string of pearls, what was your favorite?

  2. Good to see another video from you, David. I like the vlog style and the birds are so cute 😊 I’m an electric kettle person, heating the water on a stove is something granny used to do lol. Awesome nursery, I’ve seen a couple of other videos from people there, amazing plants. Had to laugh when you said about why we can’t just teleport to where we need to go, I say that to Edith 😂 Thank you for sharing with us, David. Have a wonderful day from us both 🌵☀️🌼🌺🌸🏜

  3. This is my first vlog! Let me know what you think about this style video. My apologies on the production quality of this one; I had a few issues! I’ll do better next time. I hope my fun editing makes up for it 😅

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