Water use and waste violations issued to illegal marijuana grow property

State and county officials have issued violation notices to property owners at the large-scale illegal marijuana operation raided west of Junction City, which was pumping water from a pond, using electricity and placing buildings without permits. 

Lane County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Thomas Speldrich said Monday the operation was “one of the largest” marijuana farm raids the department has had. He thinks there are more in the area people are not yet aware of. 

“As these operations are found and get some publicity, certainly I think that folks here are going to become more aware that we do have a problem in our county. It just maybe has not been highlighted yet.”

The farm was raided Aug. 24 on High Pass Road, on private property between Smyth Road and Territorial Highway. Police estimated the farm to have around 32 greenhouses, and close to 9,000 marijuana plants were seized.

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