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  1. It's called "Cali sober" & alcohol is definitely way worse for your health than weed. Nobody dies from weed and you don't have to smoke it. Tens of thousands of people die in this country every year from alcohol.

  2. I hear you about calling yourself sober when you smoke. I was an alcoholic and quit in 2010 and started smoking around 2016. I only say that I quit drinking. You can't equate the 2 drugs though. Alcohol is a depressant, it makes you just as lazy as weed but only the day after you use it. And it makes you depressed and melodramatic. Nothing worse than a crybaby hungover drunk. You think potheads sound stupid, listen to yourself when you're hungover.

  3. How the h3ll did I get here? This showed up in my recommendations and I have no idea why. Recently, I left a review for a popular 420 manufacturer yesterday…. maybe that's it? 🤣

  4. I think that Shane’s hang up is that some users are just so cliché. It’s like they are caricatures and it’s so cringey. Maybe, subconsciously, he feels like that reflects poorly on him about the company he keeps and he’s embarrassed by it. I can understand that.

  5. Jesus Shane. I love love love you both…but you are very wrong in the way you're classifying cannabis use.
    The difference between alcohol sobriety and weed sobriety is a vast ocean of obviousness. Your bitter resentment and stereotype of weed users is indicative of alcohol defenders. And is a ugly ignorance on an otherwise really smart fellow. I smoke weed and complete a laundry list of things for work and myself. Very busy and motivated. Very in shape and very healthy. Being called lazy is – lazy criticism. It is medicine for me and others. I take my medicine and go on with my day. Being told to "grow up" and "move on in life" is what I will tell you about alcohol consumption, because that is the immature-hate fueling-make you lazy-make you crazy date rape drug that cannabis gets vilified as. You need to have a drink to relax? Alcohol is solvent. I use it to take paint off walls. "Grow up." 1/10 on this one Shane. BE careful out there drinking man, that shit is poison and death is all around it.

  6. I dig the show, but this shit so egregiously out of order, it's insane. For the topics, it's edited very well, and appropriate for episodes. Chronologically, it's ridiculous. Shane looks pretty similar all the time (handsome and super cool) but Kyle's beard has gone through some transformations, and this is like from half a year ago, according to his beard. It's like rings on a cut down tree.

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