1. I know this is an ancient video but I wanted to add – the ban on Cannabis was in part by greedy wood and logging companies who saw hemp's potential to blow wood out of the water as a traditional material.

  2. I replaced alcohol with cannabis along with my anti-anxiety pills. The VA wanted to give me opioids but that and my drinking would have killed me. On a side note, cannabis made food taste much better so cooking at home turned to be a fun thing and I eat fast food less.

  3. I strongly disliked alcohol 🍻 but I drank on rare occasion. So many people teased me for it. Then weed was legalized in Michigan. I found my relaxant, and I agree- be responsible. I may never drink again.

  4. Actually everytime I got high I never use alcohol even though it was available to me and I drink a good amount of alcohol but even when I was pressure to drink alcohol while high on marijuana I never did weird.

  5. Nature is not that hard to understand if you see rotting fruit=bad if you see beautiful smelling flowers of all colours=Good, bad things always happen when mankind plays with things it doesn't understand as if we know better than the nature that got us here…. the arrogance.

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