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  1. Hey JP I love the two open this door here, You definitely should look into whole plant extract the hemp seed extract you don’t get the full effect as whole plant extract here in Michigan I have canatonic number 4 it has less than a percent of THC In it if you take a rip of it taste like sweet citric deliciousness without the fake Terps that are in her pens that she selling. I like what she’s doing but that fake taste that they put in there is ruining this industry

  2. We have been looking,at the website and hope to put in a order in the near future 🤘 how does the shipping packaging all look? No green leaves or any of that all over i hope? We rent and our landlord could see it and think something dif came in the mail lol

  3. I deal with anxiety issues and when the bass dnt work to calm it and i have to smoke i hate it i would rather have something without the high plus also have defect in lower back and in pain bass is good back massager but dnt allways work either i havnt tryed cbd i will have to try it . i dnt agree on prescription meds either i was put on a anti depressant that allmost caused suicide twice i support natural remodies . love this vid jp 👍

  4. You need thc my dude so you're not coming off like a jerk that made it to a higher level of notoriety and it's good you did you worked for it bro no hating, just come off like a douche bag sometimes like your better than the next guy and that's what is lame bro

  5. Thank you for this informative video, Mr. Price. Sharing positive, correct information is the only way for people to see the positive and beneficial side to Cannabis. Now that I live in a state where it's is legal recreationally, there have been many positive things coming about all around. I was able to get some CBD for my Mother and SiL, and both love how they don't have the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals and they can function normally. I hope to get into the industry so I can be, part of sonething good.

    As usual, keep beating the streets!

  6. I suffer from degenerative disc, scoliosis and sciatica and have recently started a regular cbd routine and I love it. Helps me unwind/relax and sleep at night. Better than melatonin !

  7. I'm glad your bringing this more into the muscle community. Its sucks we cant have the full thing . But the more this gets out the better. Legit, real herbal supplements (no pun) are good. Between often being our own dietitians we have to be warry of snake oils/powders. Any one can put their name on powder and say MASS GAINS.

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