What Kind of CBD Works Best??

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* Plain Jane sent me over 3 different forms of CBD products, so I highlight what …


  1. Hey u should do dmt lsd and ayahuasca its life changing we're all the same consciousness creating reality through the mind🧠👁 our souls are are all connected we're all God having a human experience

  2. WTH is uo with the weird CBD obsession? These videos feel so strange and out of place compared to the old strain central. I'm not saying bad bro, but just weird and awkward like your in a terrible dream or something :/

  3. Joshhhh!!! there are a lot of weedtubers out there but nothing compares to you, love just how chill you are, used to watch you years ago when can't afford good weed and good bongs but now I have it and still keep coming back to your stream

  4. Why is it my lower back pain doesn't go away with any type of cannabis BUT taking 2 Aleve's does lol… So much BS and lies in the cannabis industry ..What do you expect from liberal democrats they ALL LIE

  5. Hope you are well buddy i am drinking beer every day please let me know how i can get help to get help to get help to get help of beer 🍺 keep up the great work love you 😍 😀 😊

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