Wild West Of Weed: Oklahoma Struggles To Regulate Booming Medical Marijuana Industry

Oklahoma state agencies are working to catch up to the medical marijuana industry’s explosive growth since it was legalized in …


  1. Can just one Oklahoma grow, produce some high quality, good marijuana ? Please ? Dont make us drive all the way to another state to get high quality weed, or invest huge amounts of money, time effort into growing ourselves, not al of us can do that

  2. It's a nightmare for us paitents too, because 98 precent of the products on dispensaries shelfs, is total garbage, very low quality, or downright dangerous to consume. it is scary ! We finally made it legal here, yay ! but not one dispensary in the state is selling anything high quality. It is a bigger slap in the face for us paitents.

  3. It’s so patronizing for them to call them “patients “. We all know medical marijuana cards are available online, cheep, for anyone who wants one, regardless of medical status.
    There’s nothing “medical “ about Oklahoma’s marijuana industry

  4. Love the Spider Mite infestation at 1 minute, 7 seconds. By the look of that leaf, they have had an ongoing problem with Spider Mites and pests for a long time. Demand home grows. It's a human right to plant seeds and grow at home. Why leave control of your medicine to people like these?

  5. What I do not understand is why don't everyone just grow there own. Forget growers, dispensary, laws, and money. See the weak always ask for rules. At the end of the day the people who are doing it legally are no different from the people who are criminals. How? Money,lol. Look what is the most important thing is that people who may want to smoke can smoke. I was told by a guy from the islands…..weed should be free! All these people in the game use to call the police on people all the time. Now that people see it is money in it are all for it but make it regulated. Lol, I guess Americans will not learn. Be careful what you wish for because one day they will regulate you and then you are still going to be unhappy. Thank God and just work harder to be a better businessman

  6. Yea they wanna do a lottery so its a limited business sector and to renew you might just be out of luck state doesnt care if you put money into it after you get told no you just lose your business frankly grow at your hearts content if you are from Oklahoma but alot of what they are talking about is people from cali, Colorado, Washington coming down and opening grows undercutting oklahomans. Idc if you inforce testing like you do with grain and samples thats fine but regulating the amount of people that can get into the industry is fucked

  7. Ur stupid how about you make weed recreational so everyone can buy cannabis in a safe an regulated environment so ppl feel safe an more welcome to buy legal cannabis an slow the black market down

  8. Did you see that infected leaf in the first part of video , spider mites will kill your dreams too, don't worry about being undercut by your compatition worry about your nasty product reaching Oklahoma's patients.

  9. Medical / rules / and regulations are the problem. If it were legalized and a true free market, you would be able to get a good ounce at the dispo for $10. The greedy people on both sides see that as a problem. If you want to compete in the industry you should be doing a lot more than just selling flower. The plant itself should be as legal as tomatoes for everyone.

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